• saying goodbye to social media

    I Quit

    On average, people spend over two hours a day on social media. Two hours a day wasted on scrolling, liking, commenting, and mindlessly scrolling some more. And that’s only the physical time spent on these platforms. That doesn’t even factor in the time people spend taking photos, thinking about what to send out into the void, or analyzing when the best time to post is. I want to reclaim that time. There have been countless articles and conversations about the impact of social media on our brains, the most notable, to me, being Simon Sinek’s conversation about Millennials in the workplace and social media addiction. While I don’t necessarily agree with…

  • Personal

    We're Going to Disneyland!

    Actually, we already went. And it was just as magical as I thought it would be. I grew up in Florida, so I’ve been to Disney World plenty of times, but the first time I really experienced it was when I went during the spring break of my freshman year of college with my best friend. That’s when I caught the Disney bug. He’s obsessed with Disney, and we went all out for spring break — park hopping, fancy meals, riding thunder mountain twelve times in a row, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. If you read my post from last week, you’ll know that…

  • lessons learned at a comic con

    6 Things I Learned At My First Comic Con

    Last Friday I flew out to Long Beach, California for my first comic con ever. If you’re like most people that know me, you’re probably wondering how the heck I got involved in a comic con, and it’s all because of my brother’s girlfriend, Tori. Tori is an incredibly talented artist (check her stuff out at torianne.ink or follow her on social media at torianne00) who has an amazing style and gift for art I have always admired. So, when she asked me to attend a comic con with her where she would be giving two presentations and selling her work in the Artist’s Alley, I jumped at the chance. If…

  • 2018 resolutions

    New Year, New Resolutions

    Happy New Year! When does it become unacceptable to say that? Anyways, it is the new year, and with a new year means new resolutions and goals. I know there’s a lot of argument against new year’s resolutions, but I don’t see the harm. In my humble opinion, we should always be striving to be best the best versions of ourselves, whether that be on the first of the year or a random Tuesday half-way through October. Resolutions, to me, are broad ideas of how you would like to change in the new year, so that’s what I’ve outlined in this post. Let’s get started! 1. Be kind to myself…

  • year in reflection

    7 Lessons from 2017

    2017 felt like a constant battle. I dealt with a lot of (pointless) drama during my last semester of college, I graduated, I moved (twice), and I started a new job; looking back, it really wasn’t all that bad. This was a year of growing up and discovering a lot about myself in the process. Check out what I learned this year and what knowledge I plan to take with me into 2018 to make it my best year yet. 1. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy, but it’s essential to moving forward. I’ve been hurt a lot in my life. By people that know it and people that don’t. I’m sure…

  • birthday lessons

    22 Things I Learned By 23

    This day marks my 23 birthday, and let me tell you, 23 seems a lot older than 22. So on this joyous occasion, I wanted to share some of the lessons I have learned during my short time on Earth. 22 to be exact. 1. Dry shampoo is your best friend. Honestly, anything that saves you time is a good investment. Time is money people. 2. You don’t owe anyone your friendship. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been friends with them since you were in diapers. if they were there for you when your mother died, or if they’ve paid off your college loans for you, if someone treats you…

  • thankfulness

    I Am Thankful For…

    Happy Thanksgiving 2017! I hope you are all enjoying some wonderful mashed potatoes and get to take that glorious post-Thanksgiving nap you’ve been dreaming of all year, but for now, I’m happy you’re here, and I want to tell you a few things I am thankful for this year. Sometimes I think we can forget what Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about amidst the mountains of food and tempting Black Friday sales, so here’s the little angel on your shoulder reminding you to be thankful for all that you have in your life and all that is to come. I love you all, and I wish you the happiest…

  • Personal

    Hurricane Irma Diary

    Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean and lower part of the United States a little over a week and a half ago. My family and I live in Naples, FL and we were unlucky (lucky?) enough to have the eye of the hurricane pass right over us. If you’ve never been through a hurricane, here are the basics: rain, wind, more rain, more wind. You’re extremely likely to lose power, storm surge is a definite threat (especially if you live on the coast), and damage can range from torn off roof tiles, flooding, fallen trees, dented pool cages, and more. Make sure to stock up on gas to fuel your…

  • Personal

    Houston Relief Effort

    Featured image: (Courtesy of National Geographic) The flooding of Houston after Hurricane Harvey. Photo by Marcus Yam of the Los Angeles Times.  As I’m sure you know, Houston, Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey last week, and the devastation was astounding. The largest amount of destruction came from heavy, lasting rains leading to flooding in many areas, which in turn, has left many people stranded in shelters, homeless until further notice. As some of you may know, many members of my family live in Houston. Some of them were actually in Florida at the time, and they were unable to travel home until this week. Others were fortunate enough to…

  • kim honiball

    Where Have I Been? An Honest Life Update

    Photo by Sarah Stone follow her on Instagram at sarahstone_photography and check out her portfolio at sarahstoneportfolio.weebly.com You may be wondering ,”Where the heck have you been, Kimberly?” It’s been almost a year since I last posted on this platform, and for that, I am terribly sorry. The honest to God answer? I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff — from internships, to leadership roles, to friendship turmoil, I honestly was just too busy during this last year to devote time to blogging properly. You guys deserve an explanation, so let’s start from the beginning. 1. Fall/Spring Semester The last time I posted was the summer of 2016 —…