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10 Tips on How to Read More

Almost every new year I hear from my friends that they want to read more. I love that for them! I think reading is one of the most joyful experiences, and as long as you’re reading things you love, I am all for reading more! Here are some of my tips on how I read so many books in a year. Let’s get started!

tips to reading more

one | set intentional time
It’s really hard to get things done if you don’t have time set aside to actually do it. I specifically set aside time in the morning because I never know what my nights are going to look like. If I can get one chapter in before work, I call that a success.

two | when you can’t read, listen
Audiobooks are an amazing gift to this world. Not only do they allow the visually-impaired to enjoy stories, but they also help the most avid reader get the most books off their TBR lists. I like to listen to non-fiction books or classics because I have such a hard time reading those in physical form. If you have a long commute or love to go on walks, audiobooks also make the perfect partner.

three | squeeze reading in unexpectedly
I know this is a little TMI, but I’ve finished books that I’ve exclusively read in the bathroom. Reading is not just for when you have hours of uninterrupted time. Don’t get me wrong, a whole Saturday dedicated to reading is the most magical experience, but you can read whenever. I’ve read while waiting in the line at the store, at the gym, during TV commercials, and while cooking. The world is your oyster for reading if only you let it be.

four | always have a book ready
Everyone knows that feeling of not know what to read next. The only way I’ve found to combat that is to always have a book on the nightstand I’m excited about reading next. I have a year-long TBR list, so any books I own are sitting on my dresser at the ready.

five | read multiple books at a time
I know this is controversial, but hear me out! I always read a non-fiction book and fiction book simultaneously while listening to a book. It helps me read so much more. I know it’s not for everyone, but it does break up your reading, and sometimes you can finish three books in one week. There is nothing that feels more powerful than that!

six | replace doom-scrolling/Netflix with reading
This is a bit of a gimme, but it works. I inadvertently increased my reading by 30 percent in 2020 simply because I couldn’t spend my time scrolling through social media this last year. I replaced Netflix with reading, and I was able to read so many more amazing stories than I ever thought possible. Now, I usually save Netflix for date nights, and I read when I have solo-evenings.

seven | follow bookstagrammers
Shameless plug, but I’ve never wanted to read more than I do now. I follow amazing readers that make me want to read so many amazing stories. They are always up on the newest releases, and their photos make me want to read everything under the sun. I have so many bookstagrammers I recommend, but some of my favorites are @readingwithmegan, @the_spines, @booksbyblaine, and @peruseproject.

eight | set a goal
Personally, nothing motivates me more than having a goal. I know sometimes they can be daunting, but it’s a really good motivation factor. Share that goal with someone you trust, write it down, and make a plan to reach that goal. I recommend setting a very realistic goal for your first personal challenge, and ramp it up from there if you want. I had a goal of reading 50 books a year for almost three years straight — I finally hit it last year. Now, my reading goal is 75 books in a year.

nine | read books you like
So often, people are trying to impress other people with what they are reading. They think reading doesn’t count unless they are reading something educational, a non-fiction book about their career or a piece of classic literature. Any reading is good reading. Do you like regency romance? Awesome. Prefer thrillers? Go for it. Reading is reading, and you aren’t going to like reading if you don’t like the book at all.

ten | stop pressuring yourself
I know I fall victim to the comparison game almost every time I open Instagram, but that’s not what reading is about. Whether you’re reading one book a year or 200, you’re reading and you’re having fun. That’s what matters. If you aren’t feeling a book, put it down. If you don’t want to read for a whole month, that’s okay. Remember that reading is supposed to be fun, and you’ll never feel bored.

Happy reading,

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