• 07.09.21 Catching My Eye
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 07.09.21

    Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but short weeks always feel extra long to me. I have a fun weekend planned celebrating a friend’s birthday, seeing a play at a farm, and packing up a storm for my upcoming move. Life has been anything by slow lately. It feels like a complete 180 from last year, and I’d be lying if I said I was handling it well. I’ve had one too many crying sessions lately, but I’m really hoping the fall can be a time of relaxation and joy as the holidays approach and my brother gets married. Anyone else feeling constantly overwhelmed with life going back to…

  • July 2021 Goals

    July Goals & A June Update | 2021

    Happy July! June wasn’t what I expected to say the least, but I’m hoping to have a really strong July. A ton of life changes are about to come my way, and while I know it’s going to be a lot, I am so excited to see where it takes me. Let’s get started! June 2021 Goals one | read six books I did it! You can check out my full reading list from June here. two | take a hike Life was a little crazier than expected this month, so the hike will unfortunately have to wait. Hopefully, I can get out sometime this month or next. three | run…

  • 07.02.21 Catching My Eye
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 07.02.21

    Happy Friday! I hope everyone is able to enjoy a long weekend to celebrate America’s birthday whether you have today or Monday off. I’ll be heading up to Kentucky to spend time with my boyfriend’s sister and brother-in-law, and I can’t wait to relax! This week, as most weeks, has been really hectic — I think life is going to be a little bit in disarray until I can get settled in my new place — but its also been a blast to celebrate birthdays and accomplishments and begin the packing process for my new place. this week’s good things: birthday celebrations for three important people in my life, knocked HUGE…

  • Summer Bucket List

    Summer Bucket List | 2021

    Summer is in full swing in Nashville, and I am ready for all the things this season has to offer. I used to live in a town where it was summer all year long, but nothing compares to Nashville at this time of year. From local ice cream shops to a baseball game every other week, there’s no way you can be bored in Music City. Let’s get started! one | go to a baseball game I’ve never pretended to be a sports gal, but there is nothing better than a Sounds game from the Band Box on a hot summer night. Give me a hot dog and an ice cream cone…

  • Catching My Eye 6.25.21
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 06.25.21

    Happy Friday! This week was an emotional rollercoaster. My boyfriend and I spent quite a bit of time on Tuesday solving a problem that’s been on our plates since December, my health issue from earlier in the year cropped up again, and I got amazing news at work. Some ups, some downs, but mostly I’m just excited for the weekend. I’ve got some quality friend time planned, and I can’t wait to catch up with my gals. this week’s good things: Amazon Prime Day (consumerism at its finest), crossed a big to-do item off the list, got great news at work. Let’s get started! one | making new friends I love…

  • planner with mood board for 2021
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    2021 Goal Progress

    We are a little over half-way through 2021 — Congrats! Whether this year isn’t anything like you expected or it’s turning out exactly as planned, I’m glad you’re still here. While I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot over the last few weeks, I also feel like I’ve accomplished nothing? It’s a weird feeling, but I’m going to keep moving forward. As you may know, my boyfriend and I do a weekly check-in with each other to make sure we are on track to accomplish our goals and making sure our weeks are going the way we want them to. The other week, I realized one of my goals had completely changed…

  • Catching My Eye 06.18.21
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 06.18.21

    Happy Friday! Boy am I glad it’s the weekend. It was a long week. I worked late almost every night, and I completely messed up my sleep schedule, so I definitely need rest this weekend. After a year of no plans, everything came back in full force, and I am feeling the side effects of that. How are you fairing in this post-pandemic world or is it just Nashville that feels like it’s completely back to normal? this week’s good things: I bought a couch for my new apartment, and it should only take a couple weeks once I’m moved in to arrive (if you don’t know, couches are delayed for MONTHS right now), I…

  • Catching My Eye 06.11.21
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 06.11.21

    Happy Friday! I had a good week. Anyone else? It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this good, and I’m terrified it’s going to go away (that’s anxiety for you), but I’m soaking it up while I can. This week was jam-packed with meetings, networking events, and late nights of work, but it’s all worth it. this week’s good things: I joined a Nashville bookstagram book club, I’m not as tired this week, I worked our four times this week. one | the power of thought I loved this article about how some people are scared to be happy because the world is such a dark place. But actually, acting happy and working to…

  • Spring Favorites 2021
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    Spring Favorites | 2021

    I can’t believe it’s already summer here in Nashville. The months are flying by, especially since life is really returning “back to normal” with vaccines being widely available and the warm weather here to stay. I’m wrapping up a few things I loved over the last few months with a spring favorites list. Let’s get started! one | mood boards I create mood boards every month and create a type of collage in my planner. Not only do I love curating the images, but I love scrapbooking them into my daily routine. Being reminded of the things I’m inspired by on a regular basis is a great way to live.…

  • Catching My Eye 6.04.20
    Catching My Eye,  Lifestyle

    Catching My Eye | 06.04.21

    Happy Friday! It was my first week back in the office since last March, and boy did it exhaust me! I went to a networking event last night, I got home, and I just cried from how bone-tired I was. It’s okay. All of this is going to be an adjustment, but we are in it together right? I shared some behind the scenes on my Instagram about how I’ve been feeling the last few weeks, but I’m trying to focus on the good things. this week’s good things: We’re back in the office for work and it’s nice to collaborate in person, I got back in the gym twice this week,…