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August Ipsy Bag: Good Vibes Only

This is my fourth (maybe fifth) month of being an ipsy subscriber, and I absolutely love it — I talk about my obsession so much I’ve turned my friends into subscribers. What I love about ipsy (over other subscription services like it) is that I get a cute bag in addition to new beauty products every month. Like most girls I know, I love having random bags to stick all my crap in, so these glam bags have filled a gap I didn’t know was present in my life (additionally, they are great for travel).

I decided to sign up for ipsy because I found that, as I was educating myself about makeup, I wanted to try out different types of products for different kinds of looks (natural days to full coverage days and everything in between). While I wanted to experiment more with makeup, my wallet was not supportive of that endeavor. I thought ipsy would be a nice way to try out different makeup brands without breaking the bank, and so far, it has definitely delivered.

Let’s jump right into this review!

ipsy august bag
1. The Bag

I’ve got to start with the bag itself because oh. my. gosh — it is gorgeous. I’m all about the “good vibes”, ombre, gold, and tassel. This bag was adorably designed and is the perfect size for me to throw in my purse with a few makeup products (like chapstick, because who actually touches up their makeup throughout the day? Not me). (Also, peep that ipsy marketing on the front.)

2. Pacifica Blush Set

This was definitely the product I was most excited to try. It’s a blush set with TWO full sized, beautiful blushes. One is a peach tone and the other is more of a rosy tone. I’ve tried these a couple of times and love the look they give individually, but I also enjoy mixing them together to create a unique shade. Definitely a winner. (You can purchase Pacifica products at Ulta!)

3. The Balm Wilkommen Eyeshadow

I got a blush from The Balm in a previous bag, and I love it, so I knew I would be pretty stoked about the eyeshadow when I saw I was going to get it in my bag. To be honest, it’s a bit disappointing how small the samples are from The Balm, but you live with what you get. This shade is a beautiful dark, shimmery brown (my favorite because I love a neutral eye). I haven’t tried it on the lid yet, but it swatches beautifully.

4. Catrice Highlighting Powder

I recently just got into highlighter, so I was reasonably excited about this product. I was even more excited when it swatched beautifully on my hand, but unfortunately, I was a little disappointed when I applied it to my cheekbones with a brush. I’m a huge fan of the Essence Nude Highlighter (you can get it for around $3 at Ulta/Target), which is a very sheer highlighter, but this highlighter is even lighter and takes a lot of swipes to deposit any sheen to the skin. I’ll definitely be playing with it a bit more.

5. Winky Lux Peeper Perfect Concealer

This under-eye concealer comes in the cutest little tube — but it is extremely tiny. After testing this out, the shade is a perfect match on me for foundation, so it doesn’t work super well for me as a brightening concealer. But, if you do get the right shade, it is full-coverage like it claims and seems to be long-lasting as well.

face mask
6. Face Food Face Masks

I got TWO face masks from Face Food — the Strawberry Yoghurt Mask, which is supposed to be skin softening and brightening, and the Kiwi Fruit Yoghurt Mask, which is supposed to be skin softening and revitalizing. I’ve been really into face masks lately as a way to treat myself at the end of the week on a Sunday night, so I can’t wait to try these out one weekend!

All in all, this was an incredibly amazing bag and I am thrilled with what I got this month — especially because of the full-size blush duo and highlighter.

Can’t wait to see what I get in September!

Happy glamming,

ipsy is a makeup subscription service that costs $10 a month.  You get five products ranging from skin care to brushes to lipstick, as well as a uniquely designed bag. When you sign up, you fill out an in-depth profile about your preferences and appearance (called the beauty quiz) so products can be best matched to your likes and needs. Products are drugstore, indie, and name brand — it all depends on the luck of the draw. If you’re interested in subscribing for an ipsy bag, feel free to use my referral code (not an affiliate).


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