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Being Wild and Free

Title: Wild
Cheryl Strayed
“How wild it was, to let it be.”
Would recommend to:
those who are feeling a little lost in this big world.


“Wild” is a book (and now a movie starring Reese Witherspoon) about a woman who decides to make a crazy trip — hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. You probably don’t know what the PCT is (like any normal human being): it is a trail that stretches the length of the west coast, from the Mexican border to the Canadian border.

This book is a compilation of extremely honest moments that Strayed experienced while on the trail, as well as the ones that inspired her to take the trip.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s an easy read, but it really makes you think about your life and the choice you’ve made so far. While I wouldn’t put this on my list of favorite books ever read, I would suggest it to a lot of people to read.

Strayed is so honest when recounting her experiences that is encourages you to be honest with yourself. She’s also spot on about things that just suck. At one point she even says, “God was a ruthless bitch,” when it comes to granting wishes, which I found SO refreshing and open and honest. 

I really respect honesty, and while I liked reading about the trail, I really liked reading about her life before it. One of the finer moments that stuck out to me from the book was her decisions to change her name to “Strayed” (she changed it to Strayed after some crazy life experiences). I found it really refreshing that she opened up about personal aspects of her life, such as this and her divorce. It made me feel rational in some of the feelings I have experienced while in relationships.

“Wild” hits the mark with a witty story full of inspiring and eye-opening stories of a real person conquering 1,100 miles of pure earth.

Happy reading,

P.S. I would suggest this to older readers who’ve had more life experience. They will be able to relate to the themes and the ideas of the book a little bit more.

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