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Catching My Eye | 01.15.21

TGIF! I don’t know about you, but this week felt like it was a million years long. I had an overwhelmingly productive beginning to my week, and all of a sudden, I crashed yesterday. I couldn’t focus on any of my tasks, and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Believe it or not, I think all the events of the previous week had finally hit me. Sometimes I can take longer to process upsetting incidents (this has happened before with loved ones’ deaths, family drama, and news items). I’ll be completely fine when it’s happening, and then a week, maybe weeks, later, I’m a mess. It’s definitely a coping mechanism, but I think that’s what’s happening to my body this week — it’s finally processing. If you’re anything like me, maybe you should make yourself a cup of tea and curl up with some Netflix this weekend. That’s what I’ll be planning on doing.

Anyways! Let’s get into what’s been catching my eye this week!

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one | the privilege in manifestation
Manifestation feels like the new “it” word of 2021, and I loved how this article put it into perspective. Manifesting isn’t necessarily hard, but when you have to worry about getting food on the table and paying your bills every single day, there isn’t much emotional headspace left for manifesting.

two | the truth about working through a coup
Please read this article, and then, read it again. I thought this was so unbelievably eye-opening and true of American culture.

three | these tabs to help annotate your books
I really want to start annotating my books, so I purchased this sleek set from Amazon. I love that the tabs are muted colors rather than a vibrant highlighter yellow, and it comes with so many options. I can’t wait to use them all on my next reads!

four | apps to help you set goals
Big goal-setting gal over here. As mentioned before, my boyfriend and I did a whole two days of planning our goals for the year and creating benchmarks. I ended up creating a weekly tracking spreadsheet for us, but I think any one of these apps would be helpful to reach your dreams.

five | this book within a book
I started Magpie Murders last weekend, and I’m already 300 pages in. I’ve truly never read a book like this before. Susan has read her best client’s most recent manuscript, and it isn’t complete. She’s wrecked, and she has to know how it ends, but everything she’s believed to be fictional, might actually be truer than she thought.

Happy adventuring,

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