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Catching My Eye | 06.04.21

Happy Friday! It was my first week back in the office since last March, and boy did it exhaust me! I went to a networking event last night, I got home, and I just cried from how bone-tired I was. It’s okay. All of this is going to be an adjustment, but we are in it together right? I shared some behind the scenes on my Instagram about how I’ve been feeling the last few weeks, but I’m trying to focus on the good things.

this week’s good things: We’re back in the office for work and it’s nice to collaborate in person, I got back in the gym twice this week, hard work feels like it’s finally paying off.

Let’s get started!

one | a book list
The amount of books coming out this month is insane! I’m already drowning in library books, but I may or may not have put some of these on my TBR.

two | work tips
I love the podcast Bad on Paper, and they have a famous episode where they talk about asking for a raise. Highly recommend giving it a listen if you’re coming up on an anniversary, taking on more responsibilities, or switching jobs.

three | furniture find
I’m moving into my own place at the end of July, and I’m on the hunt for the perfect couch. My boyfriend and I went and tested out the LoveSac this weekend, and I fell in love but it’s so much money! If you know of any great, affordable couch options, please let me know!

four | happy pride
Looking to celebrate? Here’s a calendar of international events.

five | currently reading
I’m diving into the second book in the Shadow and Bone trilogy, Siege and Storm, this weekend. This book follows Alina as she fights against the Darkling’s desire to control her power. She finds herself enlisting the help of a famous privateer to lead the Grisha army.

Happy adventuring,

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