Catching My Eye | 5.29.20

Another week in has come and gone, and boy, was this one a doozy for me. I’ve been relatively steady throughout this whole experience (except for the very beginning before we were under any stay-at-home orders — I like certainty, and the back and forth and the unknown was more stressful for me than just knowing what to do), but my emotions were all over the place this week. Instead of beating myself up, I really tried to just let myself feel whatever emotion was working its way through my mind and body, and start fresh. If I needed a break, I took a break. If I needed a piece of cake, I ate a piece of cake. If I needed to go on a walk, I went on a walk. Catch my drift? I think it’s important to remember during this time that even though we can be working all the time, we don’t have to be. Anyways, this is what’s been catching my eye this week. Let’s get started!

Catching My Eye Tower of Dawn

1// This summer-reading list
It’s no secret that I’ve been reading A TON lately. I love this list of fun summer reads. I might work my way through it and see how many I can check off the list before September rolls around just like I did back in elementary school.

2// The fact that Crayola expanded its skin-tone colors with the help of a former-MAC chemist
After it’s eight Multicultural crayons were a flop, Crayola teamed up with Victor Casale, one of the most experienced shade experts in the cosmetics industry. It looks like Casale really took the time and thought to create a shade for almost everyone. What a step forward!

3// This polka-dot jumpsuit
I’ve never owned a jumpsuit before, but I thought now would be the perfect time to try it. I ordered this one off of Loft for 50% off, and I’m excited to try it on when it comes in. Jumpsuits seem like the perfect easy outfit that are also work-appropriate.

4// This hilarious, satirical email chain between friends during quarantine
Remember at the beginning of quarantine when we were all doing Zoom calls every single night? This hilarious piece from Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss features a group of 8 friends trying to set up a call. Each one has their own unique quarantine personality including online dating, crushing on Andy Cuomo, making sourdough, and shaming the people that leave their houses under a quarantine order. It’s an absolutely hilarious read that will make you feel better about your own attitude during this time.

5// This murder-mystery book with a twist
In The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, Evelyn Hardcastle is murdered – duh. But, Aiden Bishop must discover who her killer is — while inhabiting seven different bodies of seven different guests that were attending a party at the Hardcastle estate. Each day, Aiden wakes up mysteriously in a different person’s body, and he must save Evelyn before it is too late. I started this book earlier in the week, and it threw me for a loop. It starts off with a bang — no backstory, no buildup, no nothing — so I’m excited to dive deeper into the world.

Happy adventuring,

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