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Fall 2018 Bucket List

Arguably, the best season of the year is just around the corner. Personally, as I discussed last week, spring is my favorite season, but fall is a close second. There’s something about these transitional seasons that brings hope and excitement into everyone’s hearts. I’m not a huge PSL girl, but there are few fall traditions that I can’t wait to partake in, so I created a fall bucket list to make sure I cross everything off the list. Let’s get started!

fall bucket list

1. Have a farm adventure.
One of my favorite memories from my first fall in Nashville was going on a farm adventure with my brother and Tori. We ventured all the way to Wilson Family Farm where we played some farm games including tic-tac-toe with mini pumpkins, found our way out of a corn maze, and saw some adorable bunnies. This year, I really want to go on a hay ride since I’ve never been on one, and I wouldn’t mind wandering through a corn maze again with some warm apple cider to sip on.

2. Eat some delicious pie.
After our farm adventure last year, my brother, Tori, and I stumbled upon a local bakery with the most delicious pies. I will make it my mission this fall to go back to that bakery and get at least twelve mini pies to share with friends and family while we curl up and watch every Halloweentown movie beginning to end.

3. Pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch.
Around this time of year, tons of corner markets start cropping up with pumpkins to pick. It’s not the same as going to a farm and picking a pumpkin from the patch yourself, but honestly, it’s something I really enjoy about fall in Nashville. I can’t wait to pick out the perfect pumpkin. And, of course, I’ll have to carve it!

4. Go on a hike in the mountains.
During the fall break of my senior year of university, some friends and I took a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and it was truly the most beautiful site my eyes have ever seen. We have some pretty great hiking in the area, so I’m determined to get out into nature before all the leaves fall off the trees and enjoy the beautiful fall colors and crisp autumn air.

5. Drink warm apple cider.
I may not be a PSL girl, but I will drink warm apple cider by the gallon if you let me. I might even like apple cider more than I like hot chocolate…maybe.

6. Collect falling leaves in a park.
Every time my mom would visit me at school in North Carolina during the fall, she would stop and pick up all the beautiful leaves she saw because she never experienced fall growing up. Like her, I also love the orangey-red leaves that cover the ground during this season, and I guess I can’t help myself from wanting to collect a few. There’s nothing like sticking those treasures in your room to make it feel a little more like fall.

7. Make fall style treats.
I love baking. Like love baking. But I haven’t done it much lately since I don’t have a ton of people to share it with. I think this fall, I might make all the fun, fall treats, and create little goody-bags for friends and family so they can enjoy the fall flavors too. On my “To Be Baked” list are the following: Rice Krispies Treats (with Reese’s Pieces), pumpkin bread, apple pie (I’ve never made a pie before), and peanut butter brownies. If there are any other treats you think I should add to the list, let me know!

8. Go to a winery.
Confession time: We have a winery that everyone talks about in Nashville, and I’ve been, but I truly don’t think it’s very good (I shall refrain from naming said winery to protect the innocent). I’m hoping to find an adorable, delicious winery near me this fall, even if it’s a little bit farther away, where I can go to enjoy the crisp air, a good conversation, and a decadent bottle of wine.

9. Make some DIY fall crafts.
Has anyone else missed my crafting posts? Because I sure have. Fall is the perfect time to craft to my hearts content, and it’s a season I’ve never crafted for before! I’m thinking some painted pumpkins, a spooky Halloween themed wreath, and some Thanksgiving themed mason jars.

10. Binge watch some classic Halloween movies.
Last but not least, I am determined to have a Halloween movie marathon with myself this fall. I’ve never and I mean never planned a movie marathon day with friends, but I really want to do it this year — blanket fort, apple cider and all. Who’s in?

I know I’ve got a lot of big things on this fall bucket list, but I really think I can make it happen. What’s on your fall bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy adventuring,

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