March 2021 Goals

March Goals & a February Update | 2021

Happy March friends! I’m sure you’ve read this everywhere, but I truly cannot believe it’s been a year since the pandemic truly began in the United States. Rather than dwelling on that, I want to look forward to what I’m hoping to accomplish in March. To be blatantly honest, I am experiencing some health issues that are making it harder than normal to keep up a workout routine and reading habits, so I’m trying to be kinder to myself in those areas of my life. Without further ado, let’s get started!

February 2021 Goals Update

one | develop a newsletter to send to my subscribers monthly
Unfortunately, I did not mark this one off the list. I’m going to make it a priority to get this action item done this week.

two | read six books
Books read in February: Big Magic, The Silent Patient
Books started in February: How to be an Antiracist, A Conjuring of Light
Books I didn’t read: Queenie, In a Dark, Dark Wood

I finished two books on my February TBR and started two others. I’ve really struggled with e-books and audiobooks for some reason in the last month, but I’m hoping to get a few great reads from my library and finish a few others in this coming month.

three | plan one trip to take sometime in the future
This one got partially done! My boyfriend and I picked two places we want to go sooner rather than later, and we are going to start building out our itineraries for when we can go.

four | stop hitting snooze
I feel like I accomplished this one. I got into a really consistent, wonderful workout routine in February, and I hope to continue it in March.

five | crochet all day
Big fail on this one! And that’s okay. I’m hoping to tackle it in March.

March 2021 Goals

one | develop a newsletter & crochet four times in the month
Before I tackle anything else, I want to put these two items back on my radar. I really want to accomplish developing a monthly newsletter, and I’m scheduling in one night a week each month to crochet.

two | read six books
First, I’m hoping to finish How to be an Antiracist and A Conjuring of Light. After those two, I think I’m just going to take it easy and let myself read whatever I want for this month. That’s what I did in January, and it felt so nice to read so much of my TBR. Let’s give it another try.

three | renew my Google Analytics certification
When I first moved to Nashville, I spent my plentiful free time getting certifications to advance my career. Those expire every three years, so it’s about time I go through the courses again to regain the certification. It requires a couple nights of learning, but I think it’s fun.

four | figure out my niche
I’m struggling with posting regularly on Instagram, and I think I could benefit from finding a niche and aesthetic. I want to spend this month really digging into that, so I can come back with fresh eyes in late March or early April.

Happy adventuring,

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