Somethings Don't Work Out
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Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out…

As you may know, I tried to do a reading marathon this weekend. Much to my utter determination, it did not pan out as planned. And that’s okay.

I really wanted to finish two books this weekend (I had four that I should have finished), but it was just not going to happen. Despite popular belief, compared to some people, I’m actually a slow reader, and I should have known from the start that I wasn’t going to be able to finish everything on my list. And that’s okay.

You know what I did instead of finishing three books?

I got cocktails with my friends. I spent time with my boyfriend. I had a game night with a new connection. I celebrated a friend’s birthday and made memories.

Sometimes we don’t get everything on our to-do list done. And that’s okay.

Sometimes we are too busy living life and spending time with the ones we love to accomplish trivial goals. Because that’s what this weekend was – it was a trivial goal. It wasn’t going to change my life. It wasn’t going to advance my career. It wasn’t going to impact anyone beyond myself.

So it’s okay.

It’s okay to prioritize friendships and personal connection over goals. It’s okay to set aside your laundry pile for a day to make memories. It’s okay to have fun every once in awhile – shirk your responsibilities for a day or two. Life will keep going. I promise, it’s okay.


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