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Top 5 Wednesday: Poor Love Interests

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Today’s top 5 is dedicated to the love interests in books we absolutely hate. I decided to pair them up and talk about the couples I could do without in my novels. Here’s what I’ve got for you:

edward and bella
1. Edward and Bella 
from Twilight
Honestly, there is no relationship worse than Edward and Bella’s. She falls in love with him because he’s pretty, and he falls in love with her because her blood smells good. Really? This is what young girls are supposed to aspire to? Their relationship is unhealthy and codependent and this should not be an example of desirable love to a young girl/boy. (Or any girl/boy for that matter.)

2. Anastasia and Christian from 50 Shades of Grey
To be completely honest, I have never read this book (and I probably never will). But I’ve heard from reliable sources that Anastasia and Christian resemble and Edward and Bella, and as I’ve said…they’re the worst.

3. Zoey and Erik from The House of Night series
He treated her SO poorly. Honestly both Zoey and Erik were terrible role models for a much too young Kimberly to be reading about, but Erik was just the worst. Their relationship was riddled with ridiculous, unnecessary drama, and I’m so glad I decided to stop reading this series.

simon and isabelle.jpg
4. Simon and Isabelle 
from The Mortal Instruments
Personally, I think Clary and Simon are adorable and I think Isabelle takes advantage of Simon. In some ways I think he is good for her and she good for him, but mostly I think it’s just an overused cliche of the nerdy guy gets the hot girl. I don’t like them together.

tris and four
5. Tris and Four 
from Divergent
As I’ve mentioned before, I love Divergent but I don’t love Four. He was a character I never really connected with, and I never found his relationship to Tris to be that desirable. While even I have to admit there were good moments, for the majority of the time, especially in the third installment, I thought it was rocky and awkward at best.



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