Treasure Tuesday

Treasure Tuesday

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1. I am currently reading “To All the Boys I Loved Before” by Jenny Han.

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3. I just re-took my Myers-Briggs test and I am no longer and ISFJ but and ISTJ. I don’t know what this means for me, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated and my understanding of reality now.

4. Here are some underrated books from Buzzfeed. I’ve read #4, #42, and #49, but the rest are definitely going on my TBR list.

5. Check out this adorable video of a baby sloth my mom sent me!

6. Let me know what your favorite beach reads of this summer have been so far in the comments below!

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    Some Manchester United fans could make a valid case for Michael Carrick turning their season on its head after his return to the starting line-up brought an up-turn in fortunes for Jose Mourinho’s men.  Manchester United veteran Michael Carrick enjoys an ice cream as lucky charm braves cold on country walk

  • 醫學美容 吸引

    荷荷巴 – 告別乾燥肌! – CLARINS 荷荷巴: 美洲 – 荷荷巴 nom –> 第站: 阿根廷 告別乾燥肌! 名稱: 荷荷巴 學名: Simmondsia chinensis 地點: 美國、墨西哥、阿根廷、以色列 類別: 大型灌木 使用部位: 果核 –> 沙漠黃金 荷荷巴是一種源自美國西南部及墨西哥北部沙漠地區的小型灌木,因其具備足以抵抗極端炎熱和乾旱環境的特性,素有「沙漠黃金」的美譽。從其果核中萃取的植物油富含脂肪酸,在傳統醫學領域上被用來治癒傷口和滋潤肌膚。 美容功效 滋潤卻不油膩 在美容産品中加入這種植物萃取,可達到滋潤肌膚的效果,卻不會感到油膩。 在以下產品獲得荷荷巴的美肌功效:…

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