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10 Things To Do On Valentine's Day That Are Better Than Going On A Date

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be spending it alone with a box (or two) of Oreos. Don’t pity me! I am stoked to spend the evening in bed in comfy sweatpants watching a romantic comedy by myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you haven’t found your special someone yet, and better yet, there’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t want to find them right now. We all find love in our time. So, for now, I say enjoy being with yourself — make it an adventure! Who says you have to constantly be around other people to make memories that will last a lifetime? I am a firm believer that you are your own best company, so figure out what you love, and go do it!
On the flip side, if you are in a relationship, GOOD FOR YOU! I’m so incredibly happy you found someone you love and adore. You’re one of the lucky ones, and I wish you the happiest future with your partner-in-crime. But, I’m really not talking to you in this post, so you can feel free to hit the little “X” in the corner and have fun in couple-land on February 14.
Back to the singletons like myself. No matter if you’re reveling in your single status or a little down in the dumps about being alone for Valentine’s Day yet again, I’ve got some great ideas on how you can spend the day/night that don’t include a romantic partner. Let’s get started!
10 things to do on valentine's day that are better than going on a date
1. Organize a pot luck with friends.
There’s no better way to spend a day dedicated to love than with your best friends. You could always go out and eat, but I personally enjoy a good pot luck, especially when the restaurants are sure to be packed with happy couples. Invite your pals over for a home-cooked meal where you all participate by bringing your own dishes. It saves everyone some money by ditching the meal out, and it means you can drink as much wine as you want with dinner without having to worry about getting home! Offer to let your friends crash at your place if you can — nothing’s better than an old-fashioned sleepover.
2. Organize your closet.
I’m sure you’ve got sweaters in there you haven’t worn in years. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to clear out your closet and online shop to fill it up again!
10 things to do on valentine's day that are better than going on a date
3. Spend the night baking something special.
Baking makes everything better, even a night in by yourself. Pick your favorite desert, or a special tasty treat you’ve always wanted to make and get to baking! Bonus: You can bring it into the office in the morning to get brownie points with your co-workers (Or you can eat it all yourself while making it. I like that idea, too.).
4. Do your taxes.
April 15th is just around the corner.
10 things to do on valentine's day that are better than going on a date
5. Read a book.
Pick up your favorite paperback and get to page-turning! Studies show that reading a book is better than hanging out with people 99 percent of the time. (Don’t ask me what studies, just believe me!)
6. Get dinner with your mom.
My mom is one of my best friends, so of course I would want to spend Valentine’s Day with her. If you’re lucky enough to live in the same city as your mom, steal her from your dad for the night (if they’re still together), and treat her to a nice meal. She deserves it for dealing with you all your life (you know I’m right).
7. Take a bubble bath.
You’re halfway through February, and it’s been a tough month! You deserve a relaxing soak in the tub surrounded by some delicious smelling bubbles.
8. Get drinks with friends.
Similar to having a potluck or getting dinner with your mom, drinks are the perfect way to celebrity your single status. Champagne should definitely be on the menu. Just make sure you don’t send any texts to your ex!
10 things to do on valentine's day that are better than going on a date
9. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by adorable animals looking for a good home? Not only do you feel great cuddling all the puppies, but you’re also giving back to the community in the best way.
10. Snuggle up in bed with a good documentary.
Add a twist to your typical evening in bed with Netflix by throwing on an educational documentary. I’m a nerd, and I’ve recently been really into watching documentaries to further my education. My top recommendations are Black Fish, What the Health?, and Planet Earth.

 I know it can seem disappointing to be without a significant other on this day dedicated to love, but there are so many other (better) ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a romantic partner. Show yourself some love, show your friends some love, but whatever you do, promise not to mope about being single. You’ve got the rest of your life to be attached to someone else — take this year just to enjoy being you. (And if you are dating someone, like I said, I’m super happy for you! I wish you nothing but the best!)
Happy Valentine’s Day,


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