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How To Beat a Bad Mood

Bad moods happen. You can see something online that feels like a knife in the gut. Or get a call that feels like the end of the world. Anything can happen — big or small — to turn your whole day around. Sometimes, for big things, life can be put on pause, but for the most part, life goes on independent of how you’re feeling. You’ve still got to go to class/work. You’ve still got to make dinner. You’ve still got to see your friends. So, when life does throw a curveball, it’s important to know how to get past it. I’ve got five tips on how you can beat a bad mood. Let’s get started!

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1. Throw yourself a mini-dance party.
I’ve been known to have an impromptu dance party or two myself. My favorite place for a party is in my car. It’s the perfect way to amp up before going in to work or meeting people for drinks. Throw on your favorite tune, whether that be a power anthem or a song you feel confident singing when you nail every word, and just dance. Don’t worry about people looking at you weirdly or your roommate wondering why you’re blasting your music in the middle of the day — just dance. Whatever is going to get you out of your rut, blast it, have a little dance party, and forget whatever was troubling you moments before.

2. List out three things you’re thankful for.
I’ve talked about how this is a part of my daily routine, but I think even if you don’t do this daily, it can be a powerful exercise and can change your mood drastically. When you choose to shift your attention from the negative to the positive, it means you take the power back into the situation. It gives you the option rather than making you feel trapped in a negative space. So, when a bad mood feels like it’s about to ruin your day, think about what makes you’re thankful for, and go from there.

3. Treat yourself.
Whether this means buying a new top or indulging in an ice cream cone, it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while if you’re having an off day. Watch your favorite movie, cuddle up with your cat, eat an entire box of Oreos — whatever it is that will make you feel better, do that thing. Don’t feel guilty for spending the money or eating the extra calories — if it’s only a little treat, there’s no reason to feel bad.

4. Hit the gym.
There’s nothing like lacing up your sneakers and putting in some miles on the treadmill to help you forget your worries. A wise woman once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

5. Tell your friends how much you love them.
Rather than venting about your rough day (which you have every right to do), I recommend reaching out to a friend and telling them how much you appreciate them. Spreading positivity will help bring more positive feelings to your life, and by sharing your positive emotions, it will help you focus on those rather than whatever is bringing you down. And who doesn’t love getting a sweet message from a friend?

Everyone has their down days — it’s impossible to be happy all the time — but if you’re looking for a quick way to pick yourself up, these are sure to do the trick. Let me know how you maintain a positive attitude in the comments below!

Happy adventuring,

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