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2021 Goal Progress

We are a little over half-way through 2021 — Congrats! Whether this year isn’t anything like you expected or it’s turning out exactly as planned, I’m glad you’re still here. While I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot over the last few weeks, I also feel like I’ve accomplished nothing? It’s a weird feeling, but I’m going to keep moving forward.

As you may know, my boyfriend and I do a weekly check-in with each other to make sure we are on track to accomplish our goals and making sure our weeks are going the way we want them to. The other week, I realized one of my goals had completely changed — so, we pivoted my weekly tracker to reflect those changes. Just your gentle reminder that goals are great to have, but it’s also okay if they change! Being adaptable is arguably the most important characteristic to have in life.

Anyways, let’s get started!

2021 Intention

Develop a healthy relationship with my mind, body, and soul.

Update: Honestly, this is a hard one. I’ve had a dysfunctional relationship with my body for a very long time, so I knew this would take more than just six months to master. I’m trying to feed myself physically, mentally, and emotionally on a daily basis. I journal every day. I try to move my body in some way or fashion whether that’s just a walk or some yoga. And I try to eat healthy, nourishing foods. This is definitely a journey, but I’m glad I’m embarking on it.

2021 Goals

one | further my industry knowledge bi-weekly through educational courses, trainings, or certifications
There are lots of trainings, courses, and educational opportunities I have in my saved folders that I’m going to make it a priority to get to this year. I love learning, and in my industry, it’s so important to stay up-to-date on all the new information available.

Update: While I haven’t been able to tackle courses bi-weekly, I’ve still managed to complete almost all of Julie Soloman’s courses — which is a huge step for me. Next, I’m going to try to tackle either my Google Analytics certification or some other certifications that could help me in my field.

two | outline my book idea(s)
I’ve always wanted to write a book. It’s been a goal of mine for the past two years to write that book, and I’ve never made any head-way. In 2021, I plan to outline my book idea(s) and finally make some progress on this life-long goal.

Update: Unfortunately, I have made zero progress on this life goal — and that’s okay. There are six months left in the year, and I know I can make some progress on these outlines in the coming months. I can’t wait to see what I come up with.

three | remain heavily involved in my non-profit work and investigate new opportunities
Done and done. I haven’t found a new literacy organization to be a part of yet, but I was elected to a new board position with one of my non-profits and I’ve secured some awards and media coverage for another non-profit, and I’m really proud of the work I am accomplishing.

Update:I currently serve on two non-profit boards, and I hope to maintain that involvement throughout the year. I also want to find a local literacy foundation to start working with that I can remain involved in in the years to come.

four | distribute a regular newsletter to my blog readers
I used to send a weekly newsletter, and I want to start that up again. I need to brainstorm some more ideas on how I’d like to see it designed and what information I’d like to include, but I’m planning to start distributing again in February.

Update: I am happy to report that I am back up and running with my newsletter! I’ve changed to a monthly format that talks about three upcoming book releases for the month as well as my top three blog posts over the last month. I might add to it as I get more comfortable with the format, but so far I’m really loving it as a way to connect with my readers. You can sign up for my newsletter today!

five | develop a consistent, sustainable workout routine
If you’re a regular reader, you know I had a pretty good workout routine down prior to October of 2020 when I had a slew of health issues pop-up. I’ve been back on the grind for two weeks now and feeling better than ever. I hope to keep it up in the months to come since working out always makes me feel at my best.

Update: Unfortunately, it’s been really hard to get back into working out. Things have been crazy busy at work and with life, and I’ve been participating in a little bit of “revenge bedtime procrastination” lately which means I’m staying up much too late to wake up at 5 a.m. for a workout. I’ll hit it hard one week, and then completely fall off the wagon the next. I’m hoping to be more consistent in the latter half of 2021.

six | cook at home more regularly
I started this habit in 2020, and I’m keeping it around for 2021. I invested in a meal kit delivery system at the end of 2020, and I really love it. It makes cooking so much easier. As someone who never knows what to cook, it’s really nice to have it show up at my door 80 percent ready for me to make.

Update: Check that box! I cook at home about three days a week, and I’ve even been meal prepping my lunches since going back in the office. Cooking at home makes it so much easier to stay healthy and mindful of what I’m putting in my body.

seven | travel to two new cities (if safe)
If it’s safe with the pandemic, I’m hoping to travel to two new-to-me cities this year. I haven’t gotten to explore half of the United States, and I’m itching to see some new cities. I haven’t wanted to travel to any cities in 2020 because of COVID, but hopefully, 2021 is a little better for travel.

Update: I scratched one city off the list, and I’ll be scratching another one off in September! My boyfriend and I took an amazing trip to Atlanta at the end of April where we went to the Coca-Cola Museum and Georgia Aquarium, and we’ll be visiting Chattanooga for a friend’s wedding in September that we are turning into a bit of a longer trip for me to see the sights.

eight | learn how to crochet
I tried to pick up crocheting during quarantine, but I picked it up a little too late. I’m planning to dedicate one night a week to crocheting to truly learn the art.

Update: While I haven’t been crocheting as consistently as I’d like, I did learn a thing or two over the last few months. I’ll keep picking up my hooks and learning as the year progresses. I’m hoping to finish as least one pot holder project.

nine | read 75 books
I read 71 books in 2020, and I am determined to keep up that reading pace. I created a thorough 2021 TBR List (post coming next week), and I have piles at the ready no matter where I am (seriously). I can’t wait to see what new favorites come out of this year.

Update: I am so proud of myself because I am on pace to reach my reading goal this year. Wahoo!

ten | plan intentional time with my friends and partner
If 2020 taught us one thing, it’s that friends and family are some of the only things that make life worth living. Both my boyfriend and I want to be more intentional in our dates — I want to do one new date activity a month together, and he wants to go on one extravagant (for us) date a quarter. I want to carry over this intentionality to my friend groups by taking dedicated time for girl’s nights and get-togethers.

Update: I’d say I’m so-so on this goal. I’ve managed to cross it off the list every month, but it isn’t always due to my planning. I’d say about half of my friend time and date time is because I took initiative in planning it and half of it is because something was already on the calendar, but honestly, I’ve had such good, quality friend-time these last few months, I’m simply grateful for it no matter how it came about.

Happy adventuring,

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