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    Catching My Eye | 7.12.19

    Lately, I’ve been feeling like every week is the same. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday drag by with me checking the hour every hour, and then Thursday and Friday are gone in the blink of an eye. I’ve been really busy lately with moving, but things are slowly coming together. I got my bedspread last night, and despite finding two spiders crawling around in it (EW!), I absolutely love it. This weekend, I’m tackling more organization and decoration in my room and throughout the apartment. If you’ve got any tips, please send them my way! But for now, let’s get into what’s been catching my eye… 1. This insight into Alexandria…

    Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 7.5.19

    I moved! Yesterday was exhausting, I’m still unpacking, and my life is in absolute shambles, but I moved, and I am so excited! I had been living in the same place since I moved to Nashville, and it was a great place, but I’m excited about this new adventure! I’m living with one of my littles from my sorority, and we are both so thrilled to be living together after talking about it for so long. Other than moving, nothing is really on my brain. I’m looking forward to throwing out things that don’t bring me joy (I know I should have done this before I moved, but we all…

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    The Good in Goodbye…

    Before you start panicking, I’m not saying goodbye to blogging! I’m moving this week from the first and only home I’ve had in Nashville, and it’s got me thinking a lot about goodbyes. I’ve never been a fan of goodbyes, and unfortunately, I’ve had to say a lot of them in 2019. Some of them were harder than others, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say all of them were hard and still affecting me in some way or another today. The grief of a goodbye hits us at odd times — when we least expect it and definitely feel like we should be over it — but grief…

    Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 6.28.19

    I’m not going to lie to all of you — I’ve been really tired lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of everything going on (big events, moving, etc), but I just want to curl up under my comfort and sink into a world of dreams for the rest of the weekend. Despite being the most tired I have been in a long time, this week was still a crazy one. I met up with a new friend on Monday, tackled a bunch of new leadership tasks on Tuesday and Wednesday, got BBQ with my brother and Tori on Thursday, and I’m heading to the Bad on Paper live show…


    2019 Goals: An Update

    I can’t believe I’m saying it, but we are officially halfway through 2019. It feels like yesterday I was sharing my goals for the year, and now it’s time for a little update. Overall, 2019 has been going pretty well. There’ve been more than a few bumps in the road, but I can’t really complain. I’ve gotten more enmeshed in Nashville life than ever before, I’ve made really great friendships in the last few months, and I’ve got more exciting changes coming in the second half of the year. Something that really helps me stick to my goals and keep them top of mind is bullet journaling. I create a spread…

    Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 6.21.19

    Hey friends, it’s been a while! I took last week off because I was planning not one, not two, but three events. I’m happy to announce they went super well, but it definitely took a toll on me. I felt like I was underwater for the whole rest of the week, and I was exhausted for the entirety of this week. Hopefully, I can take this weekend to rest up and get ready for some other big life changes coming my way. Last week, I had two big events for work that I coordinated and hosted, and then I helped host a large gala event at the zoo for a…

    Catching My Eye,  Personal

    Catching My Eye | 6.7.19

    What a week! I’ve got two massive events I’m planning coming up next week, so I’m basically a chicken with its head cut off until next Sunday when I can finally breathe again. But honestly, I kind of love it. Maybe I’ve found a new passion? Who knows. Even though this week has been crazy, it’s also been exciting. I love a new month, and June is such an exhilarating month since it kicks off the summer and all the fun things that come with the season. I shared my summer bucket list with you all this week, but I’m truly looking forward to the possibilities that come with summer — the…

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    Summer Bucket List

    Summer is in full swing in Nashville. I’ve spent a few days at the pool and enough days in the sun to feel that summer has sunk in, and this one is going to be a hot one. This summer is entirely different from last summer for me, so I’m ready to make the most of it. Maybe it’s because I’m from Florida, and I was basically raised in a perpetual summer, but I don’t hate this season as much as other people. I look forward to the sweaty days and reading in the park, the long summer nights and the early summer mornings. There’s something in the air during the summertime,…

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    Catching My Eye | 5.31.19

    The week after a long weekend always feels ten times shorter even though it’s only a one day difference of your routine. Speaking of routines, I’ve been loving my new nighttime routine of brewing a cup of tea and sipping it while reading before I go to bed. It’s been so relaxing, and it’s the perfect way to wind down after a night with friends or evening spent blogging. This week wasn’t anything special to be honest. I spent a little extra time on my self-care since I was hyper-aware that it was my grandmother’s birthday on Tuesday, and I knew that day would be hard without her here. I…

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    Why I Got A Tattoo

    Surprise! I got a tattoo! About three weeks ago, on May 4th, I decided to scar my body for the rest of my life, and it’s the best decision I ever made. As most of you know, my grandmother passed away earlier this year. It was expected, but it was still hard. To make it harder, my family never got the chance to celebrate her amazing life. So, I made a choice to honor her in my own way — by getting a tattoo. Truthfully, I try to honor her life every day by living it how she would have liked me to. I say yes to far more opportunities,…