Anticipated Summer 2020 Books
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Anticipated Summer 2020 Book Releases

The weather seems to finally be warming up for good here in Nashville, and I am stoked for my summer reading lists. Everything seems to slow down in the summer, and I expect this year to be no different. Even though things are slowly opening up here, I think it’s still going to be a slow summer with more outdoor hangs and fewer nights down on Broadway. That obviously means more books being read! Here are a few books I’m excited to pick up once they are published this summer. Let’s get started!

Anticipated Summer 2020 Book Releases

1// A Burning by Megha Majumdar
After a terrorist attack on a train in Indian, Jivan, PT Sir, and Lovely will never be the same. Jivan, a Muslim girl raised in the slums, is accused of inciting the attack while PT Sir only aggravates the accusations. Lovely, a loner, realizes she has the knowledge to save Jivan, but only if she’s willing to make an extreme sacrifice. A Burning is out June 2.

2// The Guest List by Lucy Foley
The Guest List is said to be a modern twist on Murder on the Orient Express. This book takes place at a wedding on a remote island off the Irish coast. The couple seems to be picture-perfect, but of course, everything is not as it seems. The book is told from five different perspectives as the reader tries to determine who committed the murder. The Guest List is out June 2.

3// Nine Shiny Objects by Brian Castleberry
One night, in 1947, headlines across America announced that a UFO has been seen flying over the Cascade Mountains. Days later, a Chicago pool-hustler is inspired to hitchhike west. Along his journey, he inspires people across the country to form a new community — “The Seekers.” This community is devoted to creating a society where divisions of race, sexuality, and ethnicity are a thing of the past. They decide to settle in the suburbs of Long Island, but peace is not guaranteed. When a crime unfolds one night, things are never the same again. The book takes place over the next few decades where the perpetrators, survivors, and their children are forced to face the consequences. Nine Shiny Objects is out June 30.

4// Blue Ticket by Sophie Mackintosh
Positioned as a Handmaid’s Tale-esque story, Blue Ticket is about a world where motherhood is based on a lottery system. When girls come of age, they draw a ticket to determine their fate — white means you’ll get married and have children, and blue means you will have a career and no family. When the main character, Calla, draws a blue ticket, she beings to question everything. Blue Ticket is out June 30.

5// It is Wood, It is Stone by Gabriella Burnham
This book follows three women in Sáo Paulo, Brazile — Linda, Marta, and Celia. Linda has moved to Brazil with her husband for a year professorship. While he loses himself in his work, Linda begins to feel increasingly anxious. He maid, Marta, is struggling to understand the racial tensions and history in her homeland. When Linda strikes up a friendship with the artist, Celia, all of their lives are changed forever.  It is Wood, It is Stone is out June 30.

6// Want by Lynn Steger Strong
This novel promises to focus on the themes of privilege, ambition, and female rage — all things I can relate to. Strong’s novel is about a working mother and wife in New York City facing bankruptcy. She reunites with a childhood friend during all of this just to find out she is facing the same exact struggles.  Want is out July 7.

7// Well-Behaved Indian Women by Saumya Dave
The description of this book automatically reminds me of Gilmore Girls. This book features three generations of women: daughter, mother, and grandmother. Simran, Nandina, and Mimi (respectively) are all trying to make their dreams come true in Manhattan – but all of those dreams look a little different. Simran wants to be a writer, Nandina wants to provide the best life possible for her family, and Mimi wants to strengthen her relationship with her daughter and granddaughter. Well-Behaved Indian Women is out July 14.

8// Afterland by Lauren Beukes
Who run the world? Girls. In this post-pandemic world (not coronavirus based, thankfully), women are in charge after the majority of the male population has been wiped out due to sickness. Men are incredibly valuable in this world, so the main character, Cole, must protect her son, Miles, at all costs. Afterland is out July 28.

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