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Books I Read in October

Another month of 2020 has come and gone! Goodbye October, hello November! I didn’t read anywhere near everything I wanted to read in October, but I’m trying to be okay with that. I participated in a TBR challenge, and didn’t succeed at all! I started all of the books, but only finished one. Oh well! There’s always next month.

Let’s get into what I read in October!

Books I Read in October

one | Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn
Patsy knows her future is in America. Her best friend Cicely moved there years ago, and she can’t help but think better things are waiting for her across the ocean in New York. The only thing is, she has to leave her daughter, Tru, behind with her father in Jamaica. When Patsy lands in New York, nothing is the way she thought it would be — Cicely is married to a horrible man, finding a job without papers is nearly impossible, and she can’t even muster up the courage to call her daughter. Told in alternating perspectives from Patsy and Tru, this book is one immigrant’s story about figuring out what the American dream means for her. 4/5 Stars

two | Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell — Audiobook
Learn about what really makes tech-geniuses, Olympic athletes, and 5-star authors stand out from the crowd with Gladwell’s highly-acclaimed book Outliers. Sometimes it’s not really about the greatness thrust upon you but the month you were born and the opportunities you were presented as a kid. I found this book highly interesting, and I’m glad I finally got around to “reading” it. 5/5 Stars

three | The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll
Brett, Lauren, Jen, and Stephanie are the returning queens of Goal Diggers, a hit reality TV show meant to empower female entrepreneurs making it on their own in New York City. Everyone has a secret to hide, and when Brett’s sister, Kelly, joins the crew, everything seems to go downhill. Switching between filming days and an interview taking place post-Brett’s murder, everything is not as it seems. There were so many twists at the end of this page-turner, I didn’t know where to aim my head. 3/5 Stars

four | Red, White and Royal Blueby Casey McQuiston — E-Book
Alex is the First Son of the United States — his mom is the President — and Henry is the Prince of England. They are sworn enemies, until one day, they have to pretend to be best friends to save face after toppling a wedding cake at the royal wedding. What originally starts as a forced friendship, blossoms into a full-on love affair. This was a wonderful young adult romance that helped highlight other types of love stories for teens to look up to. While I had some issues with the plot line (Don’t talk about your illicit affair in your work emails EVER!), I enjoyed it overall. 4/5 Stars

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