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Summer Bucket List

Summer is in full swing in Nashville. I’ve spent a few days at the pool and enough days in the sun to feel that summer has sunk in, and this one is going to be a hot one. This summer is entirely different from last summer for me, so I’m ready to make the most of it. Maybe it’s because I’m from Florida, and I was basically raised in a perpetual summer, but I don’t hate this season as much as other people. I look forward to the sweaty days and reading in the park, the long summer nights and the early summer mornings. There’s something in the air during the summertime, and I can’t wait to work my way through this summer bucket list. Let’s get started!

summer bucket list

1. Go to a Sounds game.
A lot of people are surprised by this, but baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch. It might have to do with the fact that I was dragged to games for the last five years by my ex-boyfriend, but even so I still love the game. I went to a game last weekend, but I’m keeping this on my list since I want to go to a few more before the season is up.

2. Attend CMA Fest.
If you’re not a country music fan, you might not know that this is the biggest weekend for cowboy boots and twangy guitars. I’m a huge fan, and even though I’m in the minority opinion in Nashville on this, I love this weekend. I can’t wait for all the free concerts and good music with friends. This is actually the one year anniversary of me making my first real friend in Nashville!

3. Read my entire Summer TBR list.
I’ve been reading up a storm thanks to some amazing recommendations lately, so I’m looking forward to (hopefully) finishing my entire summer TBR list this season. Bonus points if I get to read a lot by the pool.

4. Take a long weekend trip.
One of my goals of 2019 was to take a solo trip somewhere close by, and I think I’m finally going to do it this summer. I thought it might not be up my alley after spending a day alone exploring DC earlier this year, but I’m ready to give it another shot. Maybe Atlanta or Knoxville, what do you think?

5. Drink some lemonade.
One of my proudest moments in life to this day is when I bought lemonade from a kid’s lemonade stand. I must have been fifteen or sixteen, but buying a $1.25 lemonade from a little kid made me so happy because it made him so happy. I’m looking forward to indulging in a glass or two this year.

6. Go to an outdoor concert.
There is no lack of free concerts in Nashville, I just have to actually attend some of them. My Little, who moved back to Nashville this summer, is super into Live on the Green, so hopefully, we will hit up a concert or two together.

7. Take more pictures.
This is something I kind of stopped doing lately, and I’m not sure why. Pictures used to be my favorite thing ever, but something changed in the last few months. I want to get back to documenting my adventures, solo or accompanied.

8. Go to the zoo.
I love a good zoo. This may be an unpopular opinion, but it’s one of my favorite sunny day activities. The Nashville Zoo is a little expensive, but there is a monkey exhibit in one of the women’s restrooms and you get to pet kangaroos, so I guess it’s worth it.

9. See a movie.
Outdoor or otherwise. There are so many good summer movies coming out including Aladdin, Booksmart, The Lion King, and more. I can’t wait to spend way too much money on popcorn and sodas.

10. Bake summer treats.
While summer may not be the best season for baking, I’m sure there are some tasty treats I could whip up in the kitchen to enjoy with friends and coworkers. These Fruity Pebble Rice Krispie Treats and these Orange Creamsicle cupcakes are the top on my to-do list.

What’s on your summer bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy adventuring,


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