Catching My Eye 05.07.21
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Catching My Eye | 05.07.21

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but this week felt like it both took forever and went by way too fast. I’m getting my second dose of the vaccine this afternoon, and then, I’m ready to be cuddled on the couch all Saturday with side effects. I know I definitely need the break, so while I’m not looking forward to being “sick,” I am looking forward to some down time.

this week’s good things: I’m celebrating the marriage of some great friends tonight, I got puppy snuggles all week, and I am working really hard to achieve my dreams.

Let’s get started!

one | book list
It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Month! Here’s a full list of amazing books by Asian authors you should add to your TBR list.

two | self-improvement
Do you ever let fear keep you from playing the game despite what A Cinderella Story taught you? Same. I loved how this article from The Good Trade broke down the concept of fear and explained how to break down your goals and focus on what really matters when fear is holding you back.

three | fashion find
After my Converse caused me serious foot pain after two trips, my boyfriend finally convinced me that it was time to level-up my white sneaker game. We popped in to Nordstrom Rack one day, and I found the shoe of my dreams. Never did I think they would be Puma’s (sorry, Puma), but I am obsessed with these sneakers. First of all, they are all white, which I love. Second, they have the softest, cushiest soles ever. And third, they slip on. I don’t have to untie and retie them every time I want to wear them. Dare I say, they are perfect?

four | work tips
I spent a lot of time this week and last looking into project management systems. They all do basically the same thing from my perspective, but I decided to look further into Monday for my personal use to keep long-term goals/projects in one place. So far, I’m really liking how easy it is to add notes and keep things organized. Anyone else have a project management system for their own life? It’s almost like replicating my planner.

five | currently reading
I cohost a book club with a non-profit for young professionals I serve on the board of. We try to read books that would aid in one’s professional development, and this month, we are reading a book from a local entrepreneur, Lunch with Lucy. This book was written by Sherry Stewart Deutchsmann, and it chronicles her experience starting a successful business centered around empathy. I’m about half-way through, and I am loving the lessons I am learning.

Happy adventuring,

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