Catching My Eye 06.11.21
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Catching My Eye | 06.11.21

Happy Friday! I had a good week. Anyone else? It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this good, and I’m terrified it’s going to go away (that’s anxiety for you), but I’m soaking it up while I can. This week was jam-packed with meetings, networking events, and late nights of work, but it’s all worth it.

this week’s good things: I joined a Nashville bookstagram book club, I’m not as tired this week, I worked our four times this week.

one | the power of thought
I loved this article about how some people are scared to be happy because the world is such a dark place. But actually, acting happy and working to bring about change is shown to be more effective. Fascinating!

two | a book list
It’s Pride month! I posted my list of books I recommend to read this month (and all year long), but here’s another one if you’re still wanting to add to your list!

three | recent purchase
I’m moving into my own place in July, and while I’m trying not to buy too many new things just to pack and move them, I couldn’t resist these reusable glass straws. I love straws, and I thought these would spice up any drink.

four | father’s day gift guide
Father’s Day is around the corner! If you’re anything like me, you could use some help when it comes to finding a gift for your dad. They are wonderful people, but they can be so hard to shop for! I love this list from Carly, and she always gives a good price range to choose from!

five | currently reading
I’m picking up No Exit this weekend. Darby is heading home from college to visit with her dying mother when she gets stuck at a truck stop in a blizzard. There’s four strangers inside the convenience store, and one girl locked in an animal crate in the car next to Darby’s outside. What is Darby supposed to do? Darby must find a way to save this child, but she has no idea who to trust. I bet I finish this in one sitting.

Happy adventuring,

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