Spring Favorites 2021
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Spring Favorites | 2021

I can’t believe it’s already summer here in Nashville. The months are flying by, especially since life is really returning “back to normal” with vaccines being widely available and the warm weather here to stay. I’m wrapping up a few things I loved over the last few months with a spring favorites list.

Let’s get started!

one | mood boards
I create mood boards every month and create a type of collage in my planner. Not only do I love curating the images, but I love scrapbooking them into my daily routine. Being reminded of the things I’m inspired by on a regular basis is a great way to live.

two | these work pants from Amazon
These pants are the Holy Grail of pants. They’re stretchy, paper bag style, and come in a ton of different colors. What’s not to love? I already own a pair in black and mauve.

three | Untamed by Glennon Doyle
I feel like I say this about every memoir I read, but boy, did this one hit me where it hurts. Glennon and I have a lot in common, more than I’d like to admit when it comes to our need to control, but I truly loved this book. It’s odd because most people wouldn’t think that they could relate to a famous writer who left her husband to marry a famous soccer player, but Untamed is further proof that underneath the shine, people are just people. We all have our quirks and flaws that unite us as human. I was skeptical when I first started this book, but Doyle’s writing builds and grows with the reader and hopefully, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be taking photos of passages in the book and sending them to your boyfriend because you relate to them so much.

four | reading 
This sounds silly since I run a blog about books, but I’ve been reading so many amazing books lately, I feel like I’ve fallen back in love with it. I’ve been taking days and just having reading marathons with myself. I feel like a kid again, and it feels so darn good.

five | black denim jacket
I wear this jacket at least three times a week. It goes with everything, and elevates any outfit from something simple to something I at least look like I tried to coordinate.

six | traveling
My boyfriend and I have been fully vaccinated for about a month now, and upcoming travel is a must. We took a trip to Atlanta when we were half-vaccinated, and we have a trip to Raleigh and Chattanooga coming up in our future. It’s so nice to be able to safely plan trips again!

seven | the gold slides
I rarely wear heels, so finding an appropriate work shoe can be difficult sometimes. These gold mules are perfect for the office and a casual day out for drinks.

eight | ilia mascara
Did I tell you guys I found the best mascara for my eyelashes? I was using Too Faced Better Than Sex, and I loved how it went on in the morning, but by mid-afternoon, it looked like I had nothing on my lashes. This mascara lasts all day and lengthens my lashes by miles.

nine | From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I finally read the most popular book on TikTok, and it was well worth it. It’s hard to explain without ruining the twists and turns that make the book so amazing, but there’s sexy guards, re-branded vampires, a country in need of saving, and a bad-ass girl with a dagger. What more do you need?

ten | spending time with friends & family again
Thank goodness for vaccinations, right? My schedule has been packed with quality friend and family time for the last month, and my heart could not be happier. As an introvert, I am very tired, but I am also very happyy.

Happy adventuring,

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