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Catching My Eye | 07.10.20

Who’s ready for weekend? I know I am. This week has been insane, and I’m ready for a quiet few days before heading to the beach (safely) with my mom next weekend. I’m excited for some downtime. I know we have all been looking at these last few months as downtime, but even while working from home, I’ve been busier than ever. Let’s get into what’s been catching my eye this week!

Catching My Eye

My roommate drew me! How amazing is she? Check out her other work on Instagram @sarahstonecreative.

1// These helpful tips for keeping your cool during tough times
If you haven’t had at least one freak-out during the last four months, please teach me your ways. If you’re anything like me, you have to remind yourself at least once a week that you are surviving a pandemic and global activist movement at the same time. Life is weird right now, and it’s okay to freak out, but if you need help calming down, check out this read.

2// This list of books to read if you’re keeping to yourself this summer
I love a good list of books to get through, and this list from The Atlantic is almost perfect. I’m adding Nothing to See Here, Conversations with Friends, Here for It, and The Folded Clock to my list for this summer.

3// These adorable Citronella candles
I don’t love sitting on my porch because bugs absolutely love me, but these Citronella candles would be perfect to enjoy a nice night outside. Plus? They have an adorable blue and white patterned container.

4// This article on why you should be tipping 50% at restaurants
I haven’t been eating out much during the pandemic, but when I have, I’ve made sure to tip well. I will admit, I haven’t been tipping 50%, but this short article makes a really good point that if we can’t afford to be tipping the people that are putting themselves at risk of catching the coronavirus to conveniently feed us, then we can’t afford to be eating out. I’ll definitely be tipping 50% or more from now on anytime I pick up food (because this girl is not interested in eating in a restaurant anytime soon).

5// This young adult thriller
I’m currently reading One of Us is Lying, and I am loving it. It’s about four teens that are accused of murdering their classmate with peanut oil. Each has secrets, and you have no idea who may have done it. I’m thinking I’ll finish it this weekend.

Happy adventuring,

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