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Catching My Eye | 1.11.19

Anyone else feel like this week flew by? I thought it would be a rough one since last week was so short with New Year’s Day, but it truly went by in the blink of an eye. I got a ton of “deep work” done at my day job that I’m really happy about, and I’ve been consistent with blogging and posting on social media for A Spoonful of Honi (follow me on Instagram for daily highlights), so I’m feeling like I had a mega productive week, and there’s nothing better than that.

I’ve also had such a good time this week with friends. Last Friday, I had some friends over for a low-key night to catch up and drink all the leftover wine I had from New Year’s Eve. We were just talking and making jokes, and I had this light bulb moment that a year ago, this is exactly what I wanted — friends I was close enough with to have wild nights out or chill nights in with. It was such a little thing, but it made me smile just thinking about how far I’ve come in a year. I can’t wait to see where I am in 2020.

Anyway, this is what’s been catching my eye this week. Let’s get started!

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1. Antisocial Shirt
This shirt about being anti-social perfectly encapsulates my feelings about people. Anyone else? The shop was started by a YouTube creator/actress, Meghan Reinks, who I’ve been following for a few years now. She’s got a ton of other cute stuff ranging from comfy apparel to desk accessories, but what really caught my eye is this enamel pin. It’s been sitting in my cart for almost this whole week, and I think I might have to pull the trigger.

2. What is Glitter?
If you’ve got a spare half hour on your hands this weekend, I couldn’t recommend this article more. Glitter was always an agenda item when I was in college, but I never actually knew what the stuff was made out of. This article breaks it down (as much as it legally can) from start to finish, and it’s jaw-dropping how many secrets have to be kept in the industry. It’s definitely made me think twice about how much glitter I keep around me at all times…

3. Loafers
I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of loafers (that wouldn’t break the bank) for months. Living the business casual life Monday through Friday can be rough. But I finally found them. I bet you can’t guess where. Target? Oh, Target? Well, if you guessed Target, then you would in fact be 100 percent correct. Because almost everything I own is from Target. But seriously, these loafers are no joke. They were under $30, and I’ve only gotten one blister since wearing them, which is truly unheard of for female footwear.

4. The Martian by Andy Weir
I decided to pick up The Martian last week to join in on a book club this weekend with some friends, and I am not disappointed. It’s written very technically, which is why I thought I wouldn’t like it at first, but now that I’m 250 pages in, I am hooked. Basically, Mark Watney is stuck on Mars after his team had to make an emergency evacuation. I’m amazed by Watney’s resilience and problem solving capabilities, but what strikes me most is his ability to persevere through everything Mars is throwing at him. As I sat shaking in my car from the cold outside, I realized I would never survive three days on Mars alone, let alone 500. And that, right there, is why I’m not an astronaut. I hope he makes it back to Earth, but I’ve got a funny feeling something terrible is about to happen…

5. Millennial Burn Out
If you’ve been on the Internet in the last seven days, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve seen this article. While I was originally skeptical of some of the arguments Peterson made, I found myself nodding along later on in the story. One of the most compelling points I think she made was the fact that there is no longer the feeling of accomplishment once a large task is taken off a millennial’s to do list because there is either another large task waiting to be started or we feel the need to make large tasks for ourselves. I think four out of five millennials I know personally either work 60 hour work weeks or have a side hustle they put all their free time into. I know sometimes it can seem like Millennials (ages 18-38 roughly) can be argumentative about the stereotype that has been thrust upon them (lazy, entitled, spoiled), but it’s just like any other stereotype — it applies to some people but not most people. I think this article did a great job of showing that Millennials are more than just entrepreneurs and 18 year olds.

Happy adventuring,

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