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Catching My Eye | 9.13.19

What a fun week! My best friend from college got into town on Saturday, and we had the best time doing all the nerdy things Nashville has to offer — like going to local bookstores, eating at chain restaurants, and watching classic Amanda Bynes movies. On Tuesday, we went and saw the Jonas Brothers, and it was truly the best concert I have been to. They were probably my favorite boy band growing up, and getting to see them live was a dream come true. The rest of the week was pretty normal, and I’m looking forward to a pretty quiet weekend. I’m seeing Dear Evan Hanson on Sunday with my roommate, and I’m so excited to see another show at TPAC. Let’s get into what’s been catching my eye this week…

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1. This new game from Hasbro tackling gender discrimination
Ms. Monopoly is going to be sparking unfair compensation in family rooms around the states. This twist on an old classic gives women more money than men when they pass “Go” and gives women more money at the beginning of the game to start out with. Rather than buying properties, players get to collect inventions by women like WiFi and chocolate chip cookies. I’m interested to see what other fun, new board games might come from this spinoff.

2. These fun ideas for lunch at the office
need to start eating more healthy, so these fun ideas have sparked my interest for new meal preps. I’m thinking of preparing a Cobb salad and pinwheel sandwiches next week.

3. These hair scrunchies
These were a fun purchase! I don’t typically get things off of Amazon, but I’m obsessed with scrunchies and bows, so these were a must, especially for the price. I can’t stop wearing them!

4. This article about when how your accomplishments are tied to your age
I found this article from Man Repeller about being “impressive for my age” fascinating. I’ve always struggled with feeling the need to accomplish such-and-such by the time I’m whatever age I’ve deemed it respectable to seem impressive. I started reading at an early age, managed people at an early age, and accomplished a lot at an early age, but what happens when I stop being “impressive for my age?” It’s something I’ve never critically examined, but it’s always lurked in the back of my mind.

5. This book about a girl who grew up in a very strict, Mormon household
After taking it out of the library two times, I’m finally reading Educated by Tara Westover. It’s her memoir chronicling her childhood growing up in a very strict Mormon household. Her father was very strict, believed in preparing for the end of times, and would suffer from drastic mood swings. When she finally left home to go to college, against her father’s will, Tara learned there was more to life than scrapping and reading the Bible. I’m about halfway through, and I really can’t put it down. I can’t wait to finish it this weekend.

Happy adventuring,

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