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Introducing “A Spoonful of Honi”

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Why, hello there! Welcome to my brand new website, “A Spoonful of Honi.” You may be wondering what spurred this rebranding decision, especially since I just relaunched “From Narnia to Neverland” last August. It may seem a bit soon to be doing all this change, but I felt like the time was right. With all the change I’ve been going through in my personal life, I thought it was only right for my blog to go through some change to.

The last nine months have been a time for me to figure what I want this blog (and my life) to truly be — a creative outlet to talk about my passions. That mostly means books of all shapes, genres, and sizes, but it also means fashion, music, crafting, TV shows, and truly anything else I may be liking at the time. I am 23-years-old, and everything about me is changing, and I think that’s wonderful. As I change and discover new passions, my blog will change and grow with me.

“A Spoonful of Honi” comes from my absolute obsession with all things Winnie-the-Pooh and my last name (Honiball). I thought it would be very fitting for a blog that gives everyone just a little taste of what I’m up to in life.

So, if you’re coming to this blog, you can find a lot of things — book recommendations, life advice, fashion tips, and more.

I hope you decide to join me on this new journey. Sign up for my newsletter to never miss a post!

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