June 2020 Goals

June 2020 Goals

We’re almost halfway through June, but it’s never too late to share a little goal setting, is it? I have to admit, I haven’t been nearly as goal-oriented as I usually am since the coronavirus forced us all indoors for the past three months, but I’m trying to get back in the swing of things as the world starts going again. These are some overarching goals for the month, and I hope to knock them off my to-do list, but I obviously have 8 million other things I’d like to accomplish. I’ve got to start somewhere though. Let’s get started!

June 2020 Goals

1// Develop my plan for continuing to educate myself on racism and how to be an antiracist.
Obviously, this is at the top of most people’s lists right now. I’ve done a decent job of gathering resources for myself and reading articles over the last few days/weeks, but I want to make a full list of documentaries, movies, books, podcasts, etc to read, watch, and listen to throughout the next few months (or years? Do we ever really stop learning about things like this?). I keep reminding myself that this is a topic I should be learning about for the foreseeable future, not just the next week, so I have time to learn and create a sustainable plan for educating myself.

2// Work out four to five days a week, and focus on eating whole foods.
I’ve been doing really well on working out consistently since I started back up with my “gym” (I work out with an outdoor fitness group so we don’t really have a facility, but I don’t know what else to call it). I attend classes four days a week, and I try to go for a run or do 30 minutes of yoga on the days I don’t make it to class. What I really need to focus on is my diet — but doesn’t everyone? The fad diets never work for me, but I need some sort of “rule” to follow so that I eat my best. I think my “rule” needs to be that I eat 80% whole foods — meaning the food I am putting in my body isn’t heavily processed. Fingers crossed I can stay strong on this one!

3// Highlight important passages in The Road Back to You.
I read The Road Back to You last year, but it was such a helpful book in understanding myself and others, that I want to give it another read. The Road Back to You is about Enneagram types, which is a type of personality typing system that can trace its roots back thousands of years. I’ve found it really helpful in understanding myself and others in daily life. This time when I read through it, I want to highlight the important passages that stick out to me. I don’t know if I can accomplish the whole book this month, but I’d like to start with the most important sections to me and see how helpful it is.

4// Determine my new responsibilities as a marketing chair of two non-profit boards I sit on.
I currently serve on the board of two Nashville non-profits that I am super passionate about and my role is transitioning to a more marketing-focused one this month. Marketing/public relations is my daily job, and I love it, so I know I can help both of these organizations reach their maximum potential. I’m excited to see where I can help out and how I can best work my magic.

5// Read two non-fiction books.
I’ve been reading a lot of fiction lately. It hasn’t even been amazing fiction because I’ve just been trying to escape in the last few months. While I think that’s perfectly fine, I also think I need to diversify my book choices. That’s why I want to commit to reading two non-fiction books in June. I am going to be reading The No Asshole Rule for a book club I am a part of and White Fragility to better understand white privilege and racism (I promise I have so many other books on my reading list for this topic, and I am not just stopping after I read this one book).

Happy growing,

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