2018 resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year! When does it become unacceptable to say that? Anyways, it is the new year, and with a new year means new resolutions and goals. I know there’s a lot of argument against new year’s resolutions, but I don’t see the harm. In my humble opinion, we should always be striving to be best the best versions of ourselves, whether that be on the first of the year or a random Tuesday half-way through October. Resolutions, to me, are broad ideas of how you would like to change in the new year, so that’s what I’ve outlined in this post. Let’s get started!
1. Be kind to myself and others.
I’m the first to admit that I can be a bit judgmental and a little harsh — a lot harsh when it comes to myself. In 2018, I’ve made it a promise to do something kind for someone else every day. This can range from buying someone’s coffee, to listening when a coworker needs to talk out a tricky problem, to reaching out to friends and letting them know I’m thinking about them. I’m planning to also do something kind for myself every day as well — think sheet masks, solo dance parties, and written reminders that I’m doing my best.
2. Further my understanding of one topic.
My brother recently shared with me that every year, instead of making resolutions, he picks a topic to learn more about during the year. I think that’s a fantastic way to make the most of 365 days, so I’ve decided to bring it into my own life. In 2018, I’m determined to learn more about finance and investment. I’ve got some friends in the business world who are always willing to answer my questions, which I am incredibly thankful for, so I am excited to extend this learning opportunity into more than just Facetime sessions with my best friend. Primarily, I want to learn about this topic through books, but I’m not opposed to reading online articles or listening to podcasts, so if you’ve got any recommendations for me, leave them in the comments below!
2018 resolutions
3. Do one thing every day that improves who I am as a person.
I started this in 2017 by reading the news regularly and completing the crossword everyday, and I think it’s a great habit to continue into 2018. I’m a big believer that little things add up to great things, so I’m starting small in hopes that I will become a better me in 2018 through these efforts. In 2018, I think I’m going to add mindfulness to my everyday routine — meditation and journaling.
4. Learn more about my field and actively seek knowledge.
Even though I graduated from an amazing university in 2017, I still feel like there’s so much to learn about communications. In 2018, I want to continue my education through reading material, podcasts, and documentaries. I want to actively seek knowledge about an industry I hope to become an expert in one day.
5. Speak up for myself.
One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last six months is that I am my biggest advocate. I want to continue the trend of standing up for myself in 2018. This relates to work and personal life. I know my needs best, and it’s important to speak my truth.
2018 resolutions
6. Accept myself for who I am and refrain from comparing myself to others.
I have this absolutely terrible habit of comparing myself to anyone and everyone around me. And that’s absolutely not okay. I think it’s particularly difficult to avoid the Comparison Black Hole in the modern age of social media when you can see everyone’s life on a highlight reel, but it’s important to remember that’s just what it is — a highlight reel. I try every day to remind myself that I can only be the best version of myself, so that’s what I’m going to continue to try to do in 2018.
7. Make time for what’s important.
I bet this is on all the resolution lists, but I still think it’s important to say. And what’s important to me is vastly different than what’s important to you — and that’s okay. This year, my top priorities are my health, my work, and my loved ones. We all have the same hours in the day, so let’s put those hours toward what we really care about and what will build a better life for ourselves in 2018.
Along with resolutions, I think it’s important to set clear goals for myself in the new year. Goals are more concrete, and I can actually check them off a list, whereas resolutions are continuous habits and mottos. Some of my goals include reading 50 books by December 31, 2018 and going completely cruelty free with my makeup collection.
I know it’s the beginning of the year, and we are all trying to start with our best foot forward, but it’s never too late to set goals or resolutions for yourself. Every day is a fresh start, so keep striving to be the best version of yourself and crushing your goals. Let me know your 2018 resolutions in the comments below!
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