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September Goals & An August Update

Happy September! I’m actually really excited about this new month. My roommate and I decorated for fall this weekend because we are just ready for a change. With COVID, I feel like life has gotten pretty stagnant — I work-out, get ready for the day, read, work, cook dinner, hang out with Boyfriend, watch TV/read, go to bed, and repeat. I love my routine, but I need something different to spice up my day to day.

Let’s get into what my September goals are…

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August 2020 Goal Update

one | renew my Google AdWords and Google Analytics certification
I didn’t get ANY closer to completing this goal than I was in August. OOPS! I’ve definitely been meaning to do this for awhile, so I hope I can buckle-down and commit to it this month.

two | post three times a week on my bookstagram
I’ve been super successful with this! I’ve been posting way more regularly to the grid and stories, and I even hosted my first giveaway! If you want to keep up with my reading shenanigans, make sure to follow me @aspoonfulofhoni.

three | vote!
Check and check! Voting is one of our most important rights. Mark the calendar for November 3 to vote in the national election! Find information about registering, voting in your state, and more at When We All Vote.

four | highlight two chapters in The Road Back to You
I think I accomplished this goal by highlighting the chapters on 7, 2, and 8 this month! Hoping to get through at least two more chapters this month! I love learning about the Enneagram, and this book is a great place to start, but remember no one fits in just one box! We all exhibit traits of each number, but what motivates you is what’s important when it comes to the Enneagram.

September 2020 Goals

one | track my eating habits
I just signed up to participate in a nutrition challenge with Camp Gladiator, and I’m not excited by any means, but I know it’s something I need to help me get on track. I’ve been relatively good about working out consistently, but I struggle so much with nutrition. Hopefully, the accountability with my workout group will help me stick to it this time!

two | implement a marketing plan to help raise money for a nonprofit
I serve at the marketing chair for a nonprofit in Nashville, and I have been meaning to pull together a year-long campaign for MONTHS. The deadline is TODAY, so I’m hoping to get this finalized and approved ASAP to start implementing on social media around mid-September. (See, I miss deadlines too – actually more often than I’d like to admit!)

three | start reading the Bible
I bought a Bible! I’ve been going on quite the spiritual journey this year, and I thought reading the Bible would be my next step on the journey. I’ve been reading a devotional every day, which has been a great soft-launch into religion, but I’m definitely someone who likes to read the source material. I’m planning to follow a guide to read the Bible in about a year, but I welcome any other good guides anyone has followed to read this hefty book.

four | compile a vision board
I know this sounds a little cheesy, but I really want to make a vision board. I usually make a vision board each year on my Pinterest, but it’s not in front of me every day, and I’d love to wake up and be motivated by something in my physical space reminding me of my overall goals and desires. I haven’t figured out the best way to do this, but I’m excited to jump into a crafty project!

What are your goals for the month?

Happy adventuring,

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