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Six Reasons to Use Your Local Library

If you haven’t heard, I absolutely love my local library. It’s the perfect place to go on a rainy Sunday, you get access to thousands of books, and people aren’t asking you every five minutes if you need help finding anything. I used to be very against going to the library — I wanted to own the things I read. But, now that I have to be a little more savvy with my money, I am all about my library card. This week I’m giving you SIX reasons to fall in love with your local library. Let’s get started!

1. It helps you save money!
Since being a real adult (paying rent, buying groceries, relying 100% on myself), I’ve had to budget more than ever before, and that means the library has been a lifesaver for a bookworm like myself. I’d absolutely love to be able to buy every book I’ve ever dreamed of, but that’s not possible due to lack of money and space. Therefore, the library has been instrumental in my being able to read a ton of books but also being able to afford groceries. I know a lot of people like to own their books, and I totally get that, but now that I use my library so much, I save buying physical copies for books I know I will read again in the years to come. It’s just smart sense people.

2. Support your community.
In a lot of places, libraries are the backbone of the communities. People vote at libraries (Psst. It’s Election Day. Let your voice be heard!), go to readings, meet authors, learn about culture, etc. Lives can happen at libraries if you take the time to learn about what they have to offer.

3. It’s a great place to study.
Personally, I’m human garbage if I don’t go to a coffee shop or the library to do work. I get lazy and say, “Just one more episode won’t hurt,” and then it’s three a.m., and I haven’t done anything on my to-do list. So, I like going to the library to complete my daily tasks on the weekend. It’s great because there’s free wifi, and if you’re doing research, usually the librarians are more than willing to help you find some materials. Added bonus? You don’t feel the pressure to buy a coffee or a pastry every two hours. It’s typically pretty quite, and people tend not to bother others in the library.

4. You can get more than just books.
Most libraries these days also offer e-books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and more. Honestly, I truly do use my library just for the books, but if you’re looking for other rentable material, your library probably has it.

5. There’s just something about a book from the library.
Maybe this is just me, but there’s something about cracking the spine of a library book that makes my heart sing. It has a totally different feel than a book from the store, and it also has such a distinct smell. I can’t describe it, but if you’ve been to a library, or even a used bookstore, you know exactly what I mean. I absolutely love the feeling of diving into a library book. Maybe it’s knowing that someone else has read this book before me and has thoughts and feelings on it, or that it’s a precious borrowed treasure, but I really do love a good library book.

6. Read more.
I truly don’t think I have ever read more in my life than the times I have used my local library. It’s so easy to try books that you’re not sure you’ll love but have been on your list, or read things outside of your comfort zone without feeling like you’ve thrown away money. My library also has a hold system, so if there’s a really popular book that just came out, you can join a waiting list and read it when it’s available. This makes it super easy for me to read books that are new and only out in hardcover (I’m a paperback gal) — I can still read the book, but I don’t have to commit to a publishing form I dislike. Libraries truly make reading that much more accessible.

So, what are you waiting for? Typically, library cards are FREE and you have access to literally thousands of books and resources. What more could you ask for? My heart races just thinking about my next library book.

Happy reading,

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