Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List | 2021

Happy Spring! Unpopular opinion, but spring is my favorite season. I love watching the flowers and trees come back to life, and jean jacket weather is the best weather. Since life is started to pick back up again, I’ve got a few fun adventures I’d like to go on this spring. Let’s get started!

one | jean jacket crafting day
Jean jacket and converse weather is my favorite weather. I have a friend who distresses and decorates her own jean jackets, and I absolutely adore them.

two | hike a new trail
I’m not the biggest hiker, but we have some amazing trails around Nashville I would love to check out. My boyfriend and I are trying to be more active, so a fun Saturday chasing waterfalls might be in our future.

three | buy fresh flowers
I rarely buy fresh flowers, but I think it’s a nice way to decorate the apartment for a spring day. Sunflowers and daisies are some of my favorites, so I hope to check out a local flower shop to brighten up my apartment for a few days.

four | go thrift shopping
I have never really had much success thrift shopping, but I’d love to give it another go this spring. I have friends who are absolutely amazing at it, so I might try to entice them into a girl’s day.

five | train for a 5k
I’ve been wanting to run a 5k for years. My boyfriend is a really big runner, so I’m hoping he can help kick-start my training.

six | try a new brunch place
We all love brunch, and I can’t think of a better thing to be doing on Saturday morning than sipping a mimosa at a nice patio.

seven | buy a few capsule clothing pieces for my closet
I want to focus on upgrading my closet over the next few years. I have a key style I tend to stick to (when I’m not in business clothes), so I want to invest in statements pieces that are going to be in my closet for years to come (think denim, white blouses, and black anything).

eight | do a closet clean-out
Along the same realm, I always have items I can clean out of the closet. Now is the perfect time since I’ll be moving in a few months.

nine | shop at a farmer’s market
Believe it or not, I rarely go to the farmer’s market. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, I’d love to check one out and support a local business this spring.

ten | make lemonade
No spring is complete without a glass of lemonade.

Happy adventuring,

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