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Thank you to Lucia for nominating me for the Liebster award! I am honestly so incredibly honored to have been nominated. Bloggers are nominated by other bloggers for this award and nominees have fewer than 200 followers.

Here are the rules for everyone that has been nominated for this award:

The rules:
1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award
2) Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave you
3) Give 11 random facts about yourself
4) Nominate 11 blogs you think are deserving of the award
5) Let the bloggers know you have nominated them
6) Give them 11 questions to answer

1. What is a song that gets stuck in your head 24/7?
Something classic like “Stacy’s Mom” or “All Star”. I can rock out to those at any time.

2. What is your go to book genre?
Fantasy series – I love alternate worlds and magical adventures.

3. When you buy books-that is if you buy books, which I hope you do — do you like to buy one book at a time or a whole bunch of books at a time?
It depends what kind of mood I am in or whether or not there is a sale going on. I’ve done both at varying times.

4. Which movie/book/song can you quote without even thinking about it?
I would have to say Harry Potter.

5. What is your favorite/lucky number?

6. Which book made you feel a hundred different emotions?
I’m being hard-pressed to answer this question, and I just can’t come up with anything right now.

7. Do you have any weird reading or writing habits (perhaps you only listen to soundtrack music when you do these activities, or maybe you look for mistakes while reading, etc.)
I usually look for typos while reading. I love editing, so I’m a huge fan of finding mistakes (especially when I’m reading a book I don’t particularly like).

8. Which do you prefer, reading or writing? Or maybe both?
I think at this point in my life I prefer reading.

9. Who is practically yourself, but as a book character? So basically, a relatable book character.
I can’t say I’ve read a lot of books with characters I automatically relate to. I’ve noticed similarities, but not enough to say that it is me in character form.

10. What is a book that no one likes but you?
I’m a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks novels. (Everyone’s got to have a guilty pleasure, right?)

11. A book that everyone loves, but that you didn’t like that much?
Most things by John Green. I like him enough, but most people that read him are obsessed, and I don’t feel that way.

11 Random Facts

  1. I am indeed Jamaican.
  2. I am originally from Florida but currently live in North Carolina.
  3. My favorite color is blue.
  4. I would marry Target if I could.
  5. My best friend moved to Germany this summer.
  6. I’m strangely addicted to YouTube videos.
  7. “1984” is my favorite book, and George Orwell is my favorite author.
  8. I was named after the original pink Power Ranger.
  9. I used to play basketball and volleyball.
  10. Mangos are my favorite fruit.
  11. This summer was my first trip above the Mason-Dixon Line.

My Nominations

Quirky Mads Reads
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My Questions

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. Who is your favorite author?
  3. What’s your favorite TV show?
  4. Who do you admire?
  5. What do you want to ultimately do with your life?
  6. If you could have three things right now, what would those three things be?
  7. iPhone or Android?
  8. What’s your favorite candy?
  9. Who’s your favorite book character?
  10. What was your favorite childhood story?
  11. Where would you love to live?

Again, thank you so much for this nomination!

Happy reading,

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