Tips on Reading for Fun during the School Year

With school having started recently, I know it’s hard to pick up a book to read for fun. Between AP reading and class assignments, reading for pleasure isn’t on many people’s to-do lists. But it should be! Reading is proven to sharpen your mind and calm your nerves. I know that personally, reading brings me happiness. Sneaking into a new world to escape my own brings me solace that I thrive on during the school year. Despite my overwhelming to-do list and scurrying from meeting to meeting, reading something for fun always comes as number one.

Here’s how you can sneak some extra reading time into your schedule:

1. Always pack a book. 

You never know when you’re going to have down time. It might be between meetings or an unexpected cancellation but having a book will save you from staring at your phone screen for an inordinate amount of time.

2. Set aside fifteen minutes before you go to bed. 

This not only gets in at least two chapters of a book, but it also relaxes your mind before you hit the hay.

3. Read a book instead of checking your phone. 

When you have five minutes between class or ten minutes before a meeting,  rather than check out Instagram, pick up a book and read a couple pages.

4. Read in the bathroom. 

Do not. I repeat do not laugh at this suggestion. I have finished books in the bathroom. I have finished novel upon novel in the bathroom. Whether it be while I’m doing my business or while I’m cooling off from a shower, you can sneak in a lot of reading in the loo. (And you can use it as an excuse to hide out from a party.)

5. Read while your traveling. 

Personally, I can’t read in the car. But I take every opportunity on a plane to read a book. There’s not much else you can do on a plane, train, or subway, so why not crack open a page-turner?

Happy reading and good luck with school,


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