Top Ten Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday: Resolutions

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in 2010. It’s a fun way for bloggers all over the Internet to connect and post the things they love about books. This week we are veering a little of course to talk about what’s on every body’s mind — resolutions. 2016 is bright, new, shiny year and that means putting our best foot forward. Here are my resolutions (book-related and not) for the next 362 days (that’s right, we get an extra day for the leap year!).

my room

1. Make my bed every day
Such a simple thing that effects your whole day! It helps me keep my room clean, and I feel so much better at the end of the day getting into a made bed. It also makes it easier to do work in my room without falling asleep!

2. Cook more
I recently decided to try eating a vegetarian diet, and that means cooking for myself more! I haven’t had a meal plan for dining on campus since my sophomore year, but I still wasn’t really cooking last semester. I realized over break how much I like cooking and how easy it is when you pick the right meals! It’s also a much healthier life choice.

World of Books

3. Read 50 books
That was my goal last year, and unfortunately, I didn’t make it. I know now that with the encouragement of my followers, family, and friends, I can reach this lofty goal.

4. Make healthy choices
Along with cooking more, I want to make exercise a part of my daily life choices. At least 30 minutes is better than nothing. I vow to walk more than drive and take advantage of my beautiful campus.

5. Save more
I am fortunate enough to have a job and that means I should think far enough ahead to save some of my money. Instead of assuming that I am making money and I am good to buy that sweater, I am going to start putting away half of my paycheck every time I am paid. Little steps like these will help me leave college with a nice cushion of savings.

6. Listen to myself
Far too often I push myself to do things I don’t need to be doing. I need to start taking a step back and really looking at what makes me happy and leaves me feeling fulfilled. I also need to start letting myself have days off. It’s hard for me to just sit or sleep in because I love getting the most out of my day. But in reality, I don’t need to be go go go everyday. I can watch Netflix in bed until 11 and the world will not end.

2016 is the year for me to better to myself and do all the little things that will change my life in the long run. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I won’t be either.

Let me know what your resolutions for the new year are in the comments below!

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