Top 5 Newsletters To Get In Your Inbox

There’s nothing I love more than reading a good article, and then, sharing it. I probably read more articles online than the average person, but it’s how I take mental breaks rather than surfing social media. I’m not fantastic at finding articles on my own unless they are from my favorite bloggers and websites. Instead of scouring the Internet for hours finding the perfect think-piece, I rely on a few newsletters to enlighten me. Here are my top 5 newsletters to get in your inbox today. Let’s get started!

newsletters to get in your inbox

1. 5 Smart Reads
This is one of my favorite additions to my inbox by far. Hitha Palepu is mostly known for her book How to Packbut I love her for her 5 Smart Reads. It’s delivered every Saturday (she’s been a little off since having her second child, but she’s taking a well-deserved break from it to be a fantastic mom), and I love reading articles throughout the week when I need a break from the normal hum-drum. She gives a “Top 5” articles at the top of the newsletter along with things she’s loving and reading and then gives a few articles for each day from the last week. It’s such a great roundup with a variety of topics to read about. There’s something for everyone, trust me.

2. NY Times Morning Briefing
I start every morning with the New York Times Morning Briefing. It’s the perfect way to get a download of the most recent world happenings, and I’m able to dig deeper into specific articles if I find them more interesting. This is similar to every other morning news briefing you can get, but I like to read this in conjunction with listening to The Daily, the NYT 30 minute news podcast. It’s also a good mix of hard-hitting news and softer, lifestyle pieces.

3. Morning Brew
Another newsy-newsletter, the Morning Brew if perfect for people wanting to stay up to date on the latest events in business and tech. This is the perfect dive into business news for me personally — it reports mostly about tech services, and it helps me be more aware of the business aspects of the news, something that’s helpful for my job. If you’re looking to learn more about IPOs, start-ups, and investments, this is a great place to start.

4. Girls’ Night In
The introvert side of me absolutely loves this newsletter. It’s a great mix of comfy products, thought-provoking articles, and feel-good reads. It gets delivered to your inbox every Friday, and it’s a great way to kick off the weekend, especially if you don’t have any plans that Friday night. I’ve bought more than my fair share of products from its recommendations, and I’ve read so many articles that make me feel understood as a person who loves her alone time.

5. Maxie McCoy
There are some blogger’s I read religiously, and unfortunately, Maxie isn’t one of them (mentally adding it to my daily to-do list starting now), but I do absolutely love her newsletters. It’s always a reposting from her blog, and it’s always the best thing I read that week when I get it. She has such wonderful advice, and I always feel incredibly empowered after reading anything she’s written.

What are some of your favorite newsletters to read? Let me know in the comments below.

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