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Top 5 Podcasts to Listen To

Podcasts have been having their moment in the sun for a few years now, but I’m still just as obsessed with them as I was a few years ago. I love having noise around me at all times (Silence can be scary, okay?), so whether I’m doing my makeup or cleaning my bathroom, I like to have a podcast playing. I have different podcasts for different occasions — news is strictly for my morning routine, murder podcasts are on full blast when I’m working out, and brain food podcasts are for when I’m doing work that doesn’t require a lot of attention. I listen to a wide range of radio talk, so let’s get started with my top 5 podcasts to listen to.

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1. For the true crime junkie…
My Favorite Murder is my number one true crime podcast. Karen and Georgia have the best friendship, and the way they tell stories is captivating. Not only have I learned about hundreds of murders and true crime stories, but I’ve also learned about friendship, respect, loyalty, perseverance, and  the necessity of staying sexy and not getting murdered. They talk about classics like Ted Bundy and Ed Gein, but they also share vey obscure stories about cults and kidnappings that I’ve never heard of. I’m also a huge fan of their mini-episodes where they share stories readers write in about that include things hidden in the walls, times their parents almost got them killed, EMT stories, and so much more. I also enjoy Crime Junkie and The Murder Squad.

2. For the news connoisseur…
My favorite news podcast that I try to never miss is The Daily, hosted by the New York Times. The host, Michael Barbaro, has a strangely soothing voice, which comes in handy when the news is making me anxious, and he interviews very interesting and timely people. I find it helps me understand some of the more in-depth news stories of the day. Perk — it’s max 30 minutes, so it’s perfect for a commute or morning routine. I also enjoy Pod Save America and The New Yorker Radio Hour.

3. For the book lover…
You guys could actually probably answer this one…I talk about Bad on Paper at least three times a month. Bad on Paper is hosted by Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman. They are two fiercely independent women that have recommended amazing books to me, but more importantly, they’ve shown me that it’s okay to read brain candy books as well as intellectual books. I’ve seriously never read a bad book that Grace and Becca have recommended. They’ve drifted a little bit away from books, but their content is still really relevant to people figuring out their lives while also reading about other peoples. I also enjoy All the Books! and The Book Review.

4. For the feminist…
I recently binge-listened to Girls Gotta Eat, and let me tell you, I am obsessed with Rayna and Ashley. They have the best friendship, they are very open about their experiences, and they’ve honestly helped me get back on board with dating and accepting myself for who I am. Fair warning, it’s fairly sexual and they mainly talk about dating and relationships, but they’re also simply hilarious and inspiring. I also really enjoy Unladylike.

5. For the blunt advice seeker…

I’m secretly really fascinated by YouTubers and watching their growth and change from when they started to where they’re at now. Long story short, I really love Joey Kidney’s podcast, The Happy Times. It’s basically just him talking about whatever is on his mind, and he’s the most blunt person I’ve heard on the Internet, and I love him. He talk about everything under the sun from dealing from depression to embracing being single. There is an episode for everyone, and Joey really tells it like it is. I also enjoy Armchair Expert and Dear Sugars.

Let me know what podcasts you’re listening to in the comments below.

Happy listening,

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