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Catching My Eye | 5.17.19

Yesterday was really tough. I try to stay positive here on the blog, and I try to always see the silver lining in life, but yesterday was a really rough day.

I don’t want to get political on here, but I feel like I have an obligation to say something. I don’t have the biggest following out here on the interwebs, but if I can help one person, that’s so important. So, I want to give everyone reading this message an assignment — check in on your female friends. The world is becoming a scarier and scarier place every day for women, and I think we all need to check in with each other every once in awhile.

This past week was pretty typical for me. Busy, busy, busy, but always worth it. I’m in this midst of planning two big events, one for work and one for a community organization I’m a part of, so I’m in full spreadsheet, get shit done mode. And, I’m cat sitting for my brother this weekend, so it’s time to trick Macaron into loving me again! Anyways, this is what’s been catching my eye this week…

kimberly honiball catching my eye

1. This post on doubt
I think it’s only natural to doubt ourselves every once in a while. This post by Maxie found me at the perfect time.

2. These over-sized heart earrings
I first saw these earrings on The Stripe, and I’ve had the tab open on my computer ever since. I haven’t bought anything from BaubleBar before, but these are really tempting me. I recently got these hoop-bow earrings from J. Crew, and I’m obsessed with the look.

3. This article about cults
There’s something about murder and cults that simply fascinates me. I recently read Helter Skelter which is about Charles Manson and his “family” (his cult), and it’s spurred me to research a ton about cults. This article in The Cut about Larry Ray is a deep dive into how he influenced a handful of students to follow his every word, including his daughter, at Sarah Lawrence in the 2000s.

4. This book about a knock-off One Direction
I started this one last night for the sole reason that I can’t keep reading I’ll Be Gone In The Dark while I stay at my brother’s apartment for the weekend. The Idea of You has been RAVED about for MONTHS on Bad on Paper, and I was finally able to get it out of the library last week. I have a feeling I will fly through this one during my quiet weekend ahead. All I know about it is that it’s about a mom who has a love affair with a Harry Styles knock-off, and that everyone that reads it immediately falls in love with it. I can’t wait!

5. This article about sustainable fashion
Fashion is something I’ve never been particularly good about. I follow a good amount of fashion blogs, and love shopping/browsing for new items, but my fashion can best be described as comfortable — think t-shirts and jeans all the way. But I’ve been wanting to get more into fashion, and I think a great place to start is cultivating a classic wardrobe with sustainable fashion pieces bit by bit.

What’s been catching your eye this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy adventuring,

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