Treasure Tuesday

Treasure Tuesday

Here’s what I have for you guys for your first ever Treasure Tuesday…

1. I’m currently reading the last book from the “House of Cards” series, “The Final Cut,” and preparing to finally watch the third season on Netflix.

2. “Game of Thrones” fifth season started on Sunday, and that means new episodes every week.

3. Figure out how many young adult books you’ve read by taking this Buzzfeed quiz. ( I’ve only read 20 out of 75, so I’m going to be adding some of these must-reads to my list.)

4. Here’s a video of munchkin kittens, because what cat lover doesn’t want to start their week snuggling a little munchkin kitty?

5. Rory is currently reading “Dead Souls” by Nikolai Gogol, and figuring out how to handle vice presidency with Paris. (Check out the “Gilmore Girls” reading list for more books Rory reads throughout the series.)

6. Good things are happening in the world everyday — my school raised over $180,000 for Duke’s Children’s Hospital this past weekend through our 24-hour dance marathon.


 books can change us

Have a great Tuesday, and finish your week strong!

Happy reading,

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