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Top 12 Books to Look Forward to in 2018

A new year means a whole new set of books coming out to read. I’m typically pretty bad about looking forward and figuring out what amazing books are coming out, but this year I decided to add some new releases to my list to look forward to. I’ve compiled a list of books including one release for each month of the year. Genres include fiction, young adult fantasy, non-fiction and more. Let’s get started!

2018 book releases
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1. January — “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” by Daniel H. Pink
In his new book, Pink strives to prove that timing is a science rather than an art. Using research and data on psychology, economy, and biology, Pink explores the scientific reasoning behind making decisions that affect every aspect of our lives.

2018 book releases
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2. February — “The Friend” by Sigrid Nunez
We never know what to do when someone close to us passes away, but it’s even harder when a dog is thrown into the mix. The main character of Nunez’s latest book has to deal with taking care of a beloved Great Dane when her best friend dies unexpectedly. An unlikely bond forms between woman and dog when they learn to lean on each other during difficult times.

2018 book releases
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3. March — “Girls Burn Brighter” by Shobha Rao
In Rao’s debut novel, two girls meet unexpectedly and form a bond tighter than any seen before. When they are torn apart due to unforseen circumstances, they fight against all odds to be reunited. A story of hope and friendship, Rao’s novel is sure to inspire friendships across the globe.

2018 Book Releases
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4. April — “You Think It, I’ll Say It: Stories” by Curtis Sittenfeld
A collection of short stories, “You Think it, I’ll Say It” is about what happens when people incorrectly read between the lines, finding yourself, and the power (or lack thereof) of deception. Sittenfeld’s first collection of stories is said to leave readers laughing on the floor.

2018 book releases
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5. May — “My Ex-Life” by Stephen McCauley
In a cruel twist of fate, ex-husband and wife David and Julie are thrown back into each other’s lives just when they least expected to need each other. Though they’ve been apart for many years and experienced a whole new side of life, they seem to click together again seamlessly. Leaving the reader wondering what ever went wrong, David and Julie seem to build a life together again, though there’s an elephant in the room no one can ignore.

2018 book releases
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6. June — “Find You in the Dark” by Nathan Ripley
When a man who is obsessed with investigating serial killers gets tangled up with a murderer on the streets of Seattle, he realizes he may have to dig much deeper into the mind of a murderer than he is used to. With an obsession of finding bodies left behind by serial killers, Martin Reese gets himself into quite the pickle when he accidentally stumbles upon a freshly killed body in the woods of Seattle.

2018 book releases
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7. July — “Contagion” by Erin Bowman
This YA novel set in the distant future follows two teens who are sent on a rescue mission to what appears to be a planet free of life. But, when they arrive, there is a sole survivor from what looks like a massive attack on the planet. Determined to find out what left this planet in such destruction, the two teens embark on a journey of a lifetime to discover what really hides in the dark..

2018 book releases
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8. August — “Rise” by Gina Miller
In an autobiographical novel, Miller catalogues her years spent fighting injustices in Britain including racism and sexism.

2018 book releases
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9. September — “Paris Echo” by Sebastian Faulks
When two worlds collide, a dark past is uncovered. Hannah, an American researching women’s role during the German occupation of France, and Tariq, a Moroccan on the run, collide in the most unexpected way leaving both to uncover the troubled nation’s past.

2018 book releases
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10. October — “Melmoth” by Sarah Perry
In Perry’s third novel, she explores the difference between good and evil in a time-traveling epic. Perry was inspired by the original gothic “Melmoth the Wanderer,” and her new novel promises to bring the classic back to life and remain relevant for readers of the modern age.

2018 book releases
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11. November — “The Land of the Living” by Georgina Harding
Harding’s new novel follows a Norfolk man haunted by his time in the Indian jungle during World War II. The book is said to interlink themes of war and memory, but very little is known about it at this time.

Dark Mirror
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12. December — “Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden and the Surveillance State” by Barton Gellman
A deeper look into what Snowden revealed when he shared the biggest information leak in modern history. Gellman, one of the three journalists that originally broke the Snowden story, takes readers on a journey to discover what really unfolded after the NSA breech and why it matters.

2018 book releases
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Bonus: “Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
As promised in my “New Year, New Resolutions” post, I am focusing on learning more about finance and economics in 2018. Taleb’s new book comes out in February, and it forces readers to challenge their beliefs about risk and reward in the modern day.

So there you have it. 12 (13) books coming out in 2018 that are sure to be talked about by friends and colleagues. I’m excited to learn more in 2018 and add some new books to my shelf in the process. Let me know what releases you’re looking forward to in the new year in the comments below!

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