02.19.21 Catching my Eye
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Catching My Eye | 02.19.21

This was truly a week for the books. A massive snow storm (sleet storm?) hit Nashville, and I self-selected to stay at home and remain off the roads for my safety and the safety of others. Not only does Nashville not really have the infrastructure for snow, but I am from Florida, and while I can handle any hurricane that comes my way, snow is a whole different thing for me. On Wednesday, I was searching for places that were delivering because I was embarrassingly low on food, and a true hero was delivering from Walgreen’s so I snagged from emergency mini-pizzas to tide me over until the weekend. Fingers crossed I can get out and get more food safely this weekend!

I wanted to add some more personal things to this post weekly, so I decided to bring in my “Good Things” from the week to note some of the best things from the last week.

This week’s good things: Snow (even when it traps me in my home), Maggie cuddles, and moving my body for a minimum of 30 minutes every single day.

Let’s get started!

one | celebrating yourself (even during a pandemic)
It can feel weird to celebrate during a pandemic, but good things are still happening, right? Some people are getting engaged, others are experiencing a lot of success at work, and other are just making it through the day — that’s an accomplishment, too! Figure out how to celebrate during a pandemic, tastefully, and you will have mastered 2021.

two | the art of listening
Kate Murphy, author of You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why That Matters, spoke with Rebecca Snow of Shondaland about the art of listening especially during a pandemic. I love what she has to say about the importance of listening, and my favorite part might just be when she says she prefers phone calls to video chat platforms (why have we forgotten that some things can be accomplished without seeing each others faces like the good old days before the pandemic?).

three | balm babe
My future sister-in-law gifted me this lip balm from NCLA Beauty for Christmas, and it was a life saver this week. The area around my lips has been so chapped and dry lately. The only thing that has saved it is lathering on this balm before I go to bed at night. Truly a remarkable product that is vegan and cruelty free.

four | tips on how to read more
Check out this post from Grace Atwood, one of my favorite bloggers, with some tips on how to read more. I like that she mentions that reading is kind of part of her job, and she gives concrete tips like carving out time before bed and bringing a book with you when you know you’ll have to wait in a line.

five | sherlock holmes
I finished my second Sherlock Holmes story this week, The Sign of the Four. I’m loving it more and more as I fall into the world Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created. I’ve always loved putting pieces of a puzzle together, but Holmes reminds us that we could always be paying just a little bit more attention to our surroundings.

Happy adventuring,

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