DIY Mood Board Tips

DIY: Mood Board Tips

I got really into making mood boards this year because I had some extra space in my planner that I ordered from Golden Coil (I know they are expensive, but they are totally worth it. I am in love with mine.) I had the perfect two-page spread right at the start of each month to create a vision for the next thirty days.

If you’re looking to create a mood board similar to mine, you’re only going to need a few things:

  • Photos (I grabbed mine from Pinterest, but you can do it the old school way with a magazine)
  • Washi tape
  • Double-sided tape or normal Scotch tape that you loop
  • Stickers (if you want)

You’re going to want to gather all the photos that inspire you. I use a combination of fashion, quotes, and my goals. You’ll find pictures of crocheting, floral arrangements, and books scattered throughout my mood boards because those things inspire me and ground me in my goals.

Once you have all your photos, arrange them on your pages. I recommend having them overlap a little bit and stand on their own — mix it up! Once you’ve decided where they go, tape them down with the double-sided tape or Scotch tape.

Now, this is where it gets really fun — it’s decorating time! Use your favorite Washi tape and stickers and make it your own. I love using gold accents to tie things together and give it a pop of color.

There’s no science to making a mood board, but it sure is fun. It’s a fun new tradition I get to do at the beginning of every year/month, and it flexes my creative juices a little bit.

I can’t wait to see what you all create.

Happy adventuring,

planner with mood board for 2021

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