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Catching My Eye 10.11.19

And just like that, another week has come and gone! Except this week was super special for me because it marked my last week at my job. I’d been at my job for just over a year, and it was a truly wonderful experience that taught me so much. I’m leaving to be an account executive at a start-up public relations firm in Nashville, and nothing could make me happier. When I looked into moving to Nashville about three years ago, it was because I wanted to work at a PR firm in the city. And to finally be able to tell people that I am doing that, well, it’s a dream come true honestly.

I want this to be a reminder to anyone out there not doing what they love — your day will come. Trust me. This is going to be my third job in Nashville, and each has taught me something and introduced me to amazing people, but this is the job I have wanted from the beginning, and to have finally gotten it, makes me so proud of myself.

Shoot for your dreams — day in and day out — you never know where you will land. But, for now, let’s jump into what’s been catching my eye this week.

maggie catching my eye

1. This suggestion to set a Q4 goal
I have been feeling lost lately since I switched from a bullet journal to a regular planner. It’s helped in a lot of ways (more productivity on a day to day basis) but hurt in other ways — like a lack of setting goals. I loved this article from Girls’ Night In about setting a Q4 goal. Goals and resolutions are not only for January!

2. These Harry Potter cookie cutters
Fall is the perfect season for baking, and what better thing to bake than Harry Potter shaped cookies?

3. This explainer on why the PSL is the most hated drink in America
This article from Vox is simply wonderful. It goes from claiming that we all hate Pumpkin Spice Latte’s because we fear capitalism, to saying hating PSLs is actually a crime against women, to claiming that the popular fall drink is actually just a delightful treat that we all need to stop hating so much. I’m going to go with the latter choice and enjoy everything pumpkin flavored I can this fall.

4. This ranking of the best notebooks
Believe it or not, I actually read this entire scientific study on the best notebook. While I don’t know if I agree with the results, it was a fun read. And who knows, maybe I’ll try out a new notebook or two?

5. This adorable custom pottery
I don’t usually splurge (yes, this would be a splurge for me) on trinket dishes, but Carly shared this custom pottery a few weeks ago, and I immediately fell in love. I love the wavy edges, colors, and patterns used in each bowl making them so unique. I might ask for one or two for Christmas.

6. The second book in the Throne of Glass series
I’ve been curling up with this book all week, and I am really loving the series. It’s really nothing Earth-shattering, but it’s fun to sink into after a long day. Crown of Midnight follows Celaena as she serves as the King’s Champion. Her relationship with Dorian is on edge while her friendship with Chaol blossoms. She’s on a mission from the long-ago Queen Elena to figure out the King’s plans and put a stop to them. I’m hoping to finish this up this weekend.

What’s been catching your eye this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy adventuring,

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