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Catching My Eye | 1.25.18

I’m sitting in the airport as I write this update headed to DC for the weekend! I’m mostly excited to see my friend’s cat, but I also can’t wait for amazing food and spending some much needed quality time with a dear friend. I wish I could say I’m excited to spend hours in museums, but all the Smithsonian’s are closed due to this historically long government shut down. If you can, please offer to help out any affected government workers in your community that may be experiencing hardships due to the shutdown. I found this Refinery29 article about donating to furloughed government employees especially helpful.

This week was a busy one, as per usual. I had some meetings for a young professional organization I’m a part of in Nashville during the first half of the week, checked out a speakeasy-type bar with some friends, and packed up for my weekend getaway.

This is what’s been catching my eye this week!

kimberly honiball

1. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened
I, like much of the rest of Netflix users, watched its recently dropped Fyre Festival documentary. If you’re anything like me, you barely had any idea what Fyre Festival was when the whole thing imploded in the summer of 2017. Even if you’re not interested in Fyre Festival for what is was or have no idea who Ja Rule is (Hi, hello, me!), I still recommend this documentary. Netflix did a great job of telling the story from beginning to end, and it included some iconic moments that are sure to be infamous Internet memes for years to come. I’m still baffled that someone as skeevy as Billy McFarland got so many people to invest in him, and my heart aches for the workers on that island that will never hear from Billy again. Go watch it!

2. Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
I’m starting this on the plane, and I am super excited. I’m reading it because it’s the book of the month for Bad on Paper, Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman’s podcast. Little White Lies  features an 18-year-old girl, Sawyer, who is participating in a debutant ball at the wish of her estranged grandmother’s. Sawyer hopes to find out her father’s identity by participating in this tradition, but instead (or in addition to, I’m not sure how it ends) she finds friendship and comes to understand that every family has their secrets.

3. Ghosting
I might be entering back into the online dating world (and that’s a big maybe), but I know I’ll probably have to deal with ghosting in one form or another as an adult. I found this article by the New York Times very informative about the “art” of ghosting. Basically, it boils down to the fact that ghosting is an immature way to handle not clicking with someone (friend or otherwise), and it says a whole lot more about someone else’s character than it does about yours. It even talks about the fact that people think it’s okay to ghost friends. What?!

4. Black & White Plaid Coat
I don’t need a new coat, by oh my did I fall in love with this one. I love how boxy it looks, yet clean and chic. It’s in my cart. Will I or won’t I?

5. Modern Mrs. Darcy
One of my friends recently told me about Modern Mrs. Darcy (Thanks, Amy!), and I immediately read every post I could while I was at work. I’m surprised I hadn’t found her sooner since she’s a book blogger, but now that I’ve started, I can’t stop. Some of my favorite recent posts of hers are “The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Reading Life” and “23 Books I Can’t Wait to Read in 2019.” 

What’s been catching your eye this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy adventuring,


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