Catching My Eye 11.13.20
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Catching My Eye | 11.13.20

We made it! The end of another week. How was your week? Mine felt like it flew by but also crawled by if that makes any sense. This weekend is looking like it will be a little slower, which is no problem for me. Life has been hectic, aside from last weekend, and I’m definitely looking forward to the slower days that winter is bringing our way. Sometimes, I think it’s really nice to slow down, take a look at everything around you, think about everything you’ve learned or have to learn, and just breathe it all in.

Let’s get started with what’s been catching my eye this week!

Catching My Eye 11.13.20

one | these tips on how to have a better morning
I love this tip on how to have a better morning! It’s all about not looking at your phone first thing in the morning, and I think that’s so important. I work out right when I wake up, so I am looking at my phone for music, an e-book, or Netflix to watch while I do cardio at the gym, but I still consider that very much “me time.” I’m not scrolling on social media or answering emails when I first open my eyes, which I think is so crucial to setting yourself up for success throughout the day.

two | this new skincare routine
I ordered Curology after hearing a friend rave about it, and I absolutely love it. I only have the tester sizes right now, but it’s so simple, and my skin already feels amazing. It’s only $35 every two months, which is so much more affordable than anything else I was doing.

three | this small business’s graphic tees
I love a good graphic-tee, and one of my favorite influencers shared about this company recently, and I fell in love with the designs! I’m on a no-spend month right now, but when it comes time to get myself a birthday or a Christmas present, I’m thinking about treating myself to this top.

four | these author’s favorite writing spaces
I fancy myself a writer, and I loved reading about these famous author’s favorite spots to do their writing and reading. A cozy nook with a cup a tea sounds like just the ticket.

five | this high-fantasy book about a bastard son of a prince
As the bastard son of Prince Chivalry, Fitz is treated as an outcast by everyone in the royal court aside from King Shrewd. King Shrewd has Fitz secretly trained in the arts of the assassin due to the magic Skill running through his blood. As barbarous raiders ravage the coast, Fitz must prepare to face his first mission, and the throne may hate him, but he may be the only shot they have at survival.

Happy adventuring,

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