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My Perfect Morning Routine

2020 has been horrible and disappointing in so many ways, but it’s also given me a chance to slow down, take stock of what really matters to me, and cultivate habits and routines that help me become a better me. One of the routines I feel like I have gotten down to a science during this time is my morning routine. My mornings have never been better than during the pandemic. Part of this is because I don’t have anything keeping me out late at night, so I get a full night’s sleep, but another part of this is due to adding in some instrumental to-do items to my morning checklist. Let’s get started with my perfect morning routine!

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5:00 am | get out of bed
I know, I know – it’s early. But I love getting the most of my days, and the best way for me to do that is to get up early. I’m much more of a morning person than I am a night owl even when I do get up later.

5:30 am | workout
I don’t work out every morning, but when I do, I start between 5:30 and 6 a.m. I workout for about one hour 3-5 times a week. I typically take a boot camp style class that is led by a trainer, but I’ve been switching it up lately doing some workouts on my own now that the gym at my apartment complex has opened up. I try to do an even mix of cardio and strength training.

7:00 am | shower & get ready
Now it’s time to get clean! I have to wash my hair every day that I workout because your girl sweats, but since we’ve been working from home, I’ve been letting it air-dry curly rather than heat-styling it. I also put makeup on every day because it helps to put me in a good headspace for the workday.

7:45 am | journal & meditate
This is the game-changer. I started meditating back in March when we first went into lockdown to help with my mental health. I use Headspace for guided meditation, and it really helps kick-start my day on the right note. I also use its guided meditations at night when I’m having a hard time falling asleep. I recently added in a ten-minute journal exercise each morning. I signed up for Morgan Harper Nicholas Storyteller app a couple of months ago. I read the message every day, and about a month ago I started journaling along with it. She provides a prompt and an affirmation every day, so it makes reflective journaling super easy.

8 am | read
I try to read for at least 30 minutes every morning. Having reading as part of my morning routine helps me feel like I’ve already accomplished something I love before I jump into work. Since I read multiple books at a time, I try to reserve morning reading for my non-fiction book at the time.

8:30 am | eat breakfast
While I eat breakfast, typically plain greek yogurt with granola, I watch TikTok. I am not ashamed to admit my love of the app.

9 am | start my workday
After cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast, it’s time to start the workday! My day typically runs from 9 until 5 with a quick lunch break.

Happy adventuring,

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