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Fall Crafts: Pumpkin Painting

Happy Fall!

Okay, I know I’m pretty late to the game, and I could give you every excuse in the book (moving, starting a new job, having friends visit, etc,. etc.), but basically I am just now accepting that it is fall and starting my fall festivities for the year. Last weekend, I had a fall-filled adventure day visiting a farm, eating yummy pies, and picking pumpkins out at a pumpkin patch and carving them with my brother and his girlfriend. While picking out pumpkins to carve, I also saw these adorable baby pumpkins for a dollar and couldn’t resist picking them out. I decided the best way to kick off my fall was to paint them and use them as decor in my room.

It’s a super easy craft and, honestly, only takes about an hour to complete (depending on how intricate you want to get with your pumpkin). Settle in with a spooky fall movie or TV show (I chose “Supernatural”) and prepare to get your home ready for fall.


Pumpkins (color and size are up to you)
Paint (Again, your choice! I used black, white, and gold.)
Additional decorative pieces (i.e. ribbon, stickers, glitter, etc.)

That’s it!

fall crafts

Step One

Step One is actually picking out your pumpkin! I got these (they are real, but you can get fake ones) from a pumpkin patch in Nashville. It was actually sponsored by The Cooper Trooper Foundation, which is a non-profit that donates its proceeds to support families battling childhood cancer. No better way to celebrate the season than by giving back to the community!

pumpkin crafts

Step Two

Pick a base color for your pumpkin (I chose white). Paint as many coats as you may need. With the white, I needed about three coats to get a solid base.

Step Three

Decorate your pumpkin! I decided to go with classic stripes and polka dots. You can get as detailed or as basic as you want, it all depends on how comfortable you are with your crafting abilities, or how much you want to challenge yourself. For an added challenge, I suggested scripting “hello, Fall” onto one of your pumpkins. I also decided to add a little gold bow onto my my simply pumpkin to add some pizazz.

fall crafts

Even though it’s “the end” of the fall season, it feels like it’s just beginning in Nashville. Painting pumpkins is just as fun as carving, but half the mess! I can’t wait to see what these look like on my desk.

Let me know what designs you decided to go with in the comments below!

Happy crafting,


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