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    February Bullet Journal Set-Up

    I started bullet journaling last year, and I truly have never looked back. It’s the best thing I ever did for myself. I know it’s not for everyone, but I think my favorite thing about bullet journaling is that you can make it completely your own thing. You can go as big or as little as you want. I always include certain spreads including a goals page as well as a wrap-up/reflection page at the end of the month, but I like how I can switch it up to be whatever I’m needing this month. Here’s what my February bullet journal set up looks like this year. Let’s get started!…

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    Fun Fall DIY Crafts

    Everyone in Nashville wants it to feel like fall is in the air, but truthfully, it’s still a little bit too hot here to really feel in the fall mood. Regardless of the weather, I’m determined to make the most of this wonderful season, and of course, that starts with making a few crafts for my home. This time last year I was moving to Nashville (Happy 1 year to me!) and starting a new job, so I didn’t really have the time to appreciate the fall breeze. This year, I have my bucket list and my fall crafts to get me in the mood. I made three fall DIY…

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    DIY Knick-Knack Dishes

    I always find random bobby pins or thumb tacks scattered on my desk that need a home, so I thought no better way to provide them that place to crash than to make a DIY knick-knack dish! This craft cost me less than $10 and took me under an hour to make. What better way to spend a Saturday morning? Materials White Porcelain Dishes (I got mine from Target for $2 a piece) Acrylic Paint Markers (Optional) Sharpies (Any color) Saran Wrap (Optional) Oven Step One Make sure your dishes are clean before you start any design. Nothing ruins a good project like dog hair and dust! After you’ve cleaned…

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    5 DIY Holiday Decorations Under $50

    Between buying gifts, picking out the perfect Christmas ornaments, and partaking in special holiday treats, this time of year can get pretty expensive. So, instead of spending my hard earned cash on new holiday decor for my home this year, I decided to save some money by doing DIY crafts that can last for years to come. I made all of these crafts for under $50.00, and you can too by utilizing items you already have in your house or borrowing from friends and family. These are mainly holiday-themed, but definitely lean more toward the Christmas side of the holidays. BUT they are adaptable! Change the colors of the ribbon…

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    Fall Crafts: Pumpkin Painting

    Happy Fall! Okay, I know I’m pretty late to the game, and I could give you every excuse in the book (moving, starting a new job, having friends visit, etc,. etc.), but basically I am just now accepting that it is fall and starting my fall festivities for the year. Last weekend, I had a fall-filled adventure day visiting a farm, eating yummy pies, and picking pumpkins out at a pumpkin patch and carving them with my brother and his girlfriend. While picking out pumpkins to carve, I also saw these adorable baby pumpkins for a dollar and couldn’t resist picking them out. I decided the best way to kick…

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    DIY Key Holder

    I love crafting — it’s one of my favorite ways to channel creative energy, and they make perfect gifts. I was thrilled when my mom asked me to craft a key holder for her while I was staying with her this summer. I’ve made two other key holders for my past apartments, and it’s one of the easiest crafts I’ve ever done. If you’re always losing your keys, this is the perfect thing to hang by your door or in your bedroom to ensure you’ll never be late for work again (or at least not late because you couldn’t find your keys). Materials Canvas (Any size will do, this one…