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I Took A Day Off…

This weekend did not go as planned.

And that’s okay.

taking a break in bed

I took yesterday off. I didn’t do a single thing on my to-do list until 8:30 p.m. And, that’s okay.

I have a huge problem with taking time off to do nothing. Even when I wasn’t blogging for two months, I will still working incredibly hard on personal projects and work. Doing nothing for me is such a foreign concept that I have a really hard time accepting that some days it’s exactly what I need.

Both Friday and Saturday were very busy days for me. Saturday was an all-day affair with friends at Steeplechase, so I was really relying on having my Sunday free to work on blog posts and some other personal projects. I didn’t do that. Instead, I woke up at 3 a.m. and watched the entire first season of “You” on Netflix. (Side note: How does anyone romanticize Joe’s character? He’s a literal stalker that kills so many people!) I left my house to run some errands and then had dinner with my Nashville family, but other than that, I didn’t do a damn thing. And, that’s okay.

Taking a “Do Nothing Day” is totally okay. Even if you have a million things you should be doing. We all need to take a break from life every once in awhile. Binge a season of a Netflix series. Read an entire book. Eat an entire pint of ice cream.

The world will not stop if you stop for one day (or two, that’s okay, too).

So do what you’ve got to do.

Take a break.

Happy relaxing,

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