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In History’s Blood

Title: In Cold Blood
Author: Truman Capote
Genre: Historical Non-Fiction
Quotation: “Imagination, of course, can open any door — turn the key and let terror walk right in.”
Would recommend to: people who love unraveling a mystery.

In Cold Blood

Recently, I have been trying to branch out with my reading interests. I’ve picked up books from sections all over the bookstore, and I’ve really liked it. I’ve discovered some books I never would have otherwise — one of those books being “In Cold Blood”.

ICB is about the Clutter family murder in 1959 in Kansas. It sounds morbid — I know — but it’s actually extremely interesting. I flew through this book due to it’s inconsistent point-of-view, which I really liked, and intriguing content.

Due to the true nature of the story, Capote was able to alternate between viewpoints and include information not previously available, like why the men committed the murders and what they were thinking towards the end of their lives.

It’s an interesting take on a disturbing life event, but if you are interested in historical fiction, and enjoy the creepier side of life, I would definitely suggest this book. It’s great at keeping your attention, and you can read it between class because it is not difficult to follow.

The only downside is that it leaves you wanting more. You want to know more about the characters backstories and how they got to where they are in life. (But I always want to know more, so maybe that’s just me.)

Happy reading,

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